Dream Character Spawning

How do I spawn dream characters that are not currently present in the lucid dream? I try turning around and expecting to see them…no luck. I try opening a door and behind it is nothing. I have incubated expecations that certain people will appear in my dreams, and they are simply are not present. What other techniques can I use? What other thoughts or expectations will produce results? I’m not desperate, as I’m just pleased to be having regular lucid dreams again. But this seems to be a considerable shortcoming to my lucid powers. Anonymous DCs are fine, but relavent DCs seem much more significant to wish fulfillment. All ideas are welcome…

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Well, how do you contact people IWL? Perhaps giving them a call and meeting to a common place? You can do that instead. :smile:
The likeness a certain method will work depends on how confident you are it will work, so by using a RL method, you should be accustomed enough to believe it will work. So try and think up a few ideas. :content:

What about the quality of dream characters though? For example if I have a person who I know IWL in my dream and become lucid by DILD, then they’re pretty alright; but if spawn the same person, who was not present in the dream by the time I became lucid, the person’s visual quality is very low. The differences I noticed frequently is the lack of facial features or some limbs. What causes this and how could I get over it?

Interesting. Right now, I’m basically finding a car (sometimes my own) and driving to a place where they are know to be. That kind of works, but I have to take precious lucid time to travel there and rubbing my hands together while reminding myself I’m dreaming to stabalize things AND steer at the same time is tricky :tongue:

About finding someone or causing them to appear and them being a bit fuzzy…that is quite intriguing. There may be a good reason for it. I’ll have to see if that is the same when I try.

I like to look at a door, and then picturing them walking through the door. Alternatively, shouting “Hey, ____, come outside,” also seems to work. The old opening the door and believing they are there doesn’t do much for me, though.

I’ll try that next time, Rhewin. Anouncing their presense and having them walk through the door on their own may be the difference maker. Because they are never on the other side of the door when I open it either. And I expect them to be there or I wouldn’t be wasting time doing that in the first place!

I was going to suggest what rhewin said. Also, you can try asking another DC where the one you’re looking for is. :happy: Or maybe even asking them to go get that DC for you.