dream characters are jerks?!?

EDIT::: no dream last night, :sad: could not fall asleep :cry:


how come the dream characters are mean?
in my LD i walked up to my sister who is nice in Real Life
so i expected her to be nice you know?

i said Hey!, Look what i can do!

and before i could take of flying she said all demonic GO TO HELL. so i got freaked out and walked away


Eh, don’t be put off by one bad experience. You meet a wide range of personalities in dreams, some helpful, some not. It sounds like you just got unlucky this time. Congrats on your first LD btw!

wow demonic voice like hellspawn thts scary :eek: but annyway its not always like tht so dont be put down and congrts on your first LD! :woo:

Thank you two!

okay i thought they where like in RL i did not know my SC
made up random personality

I don’t know why your mind made your sister like that if you know her in RL well, maybe you should of asked her what was wrong if you were wondering because your mind usually makes people like how they are in RL (it is funny talking to random people and giving them presents and annoying them and stuff like that, try it)

This happened to me too. Irritating isn’t it? You try to be nice by saying ‘Hey, you’re in a dream you know tha…’ and they scream ‘Get out of my way!’.
That’s a part of me noone wants to know :grin: Hehe.

Just tonight a DC told me he was my SG (while he really wasn’t) and proceeded demonstrating the existence of past lives through mathematical analysis (don’t worry, it was nonsense). I then asked a question to another professor, listed the oprions available for an answer, while he continued drawing graphs on the blackboard, not listening at all, barely answering “Um…yes, that last one”. Lawl, i really have to trust my SC only if i want answers :tongue:

i have this problem, but with people i dont even know :neutral:

i walked up to this guy, and asked for directions, becouse i was in a city, and i was lost, and he was being a douschebag about it!
he yelled some insults as if i just demolished his car, and i got kind of ticked off, so i just sent somethin that looked like godzilla, only smaller after him.

Hrm i hardly remember any rude person in my LDs.
But most of the time they are talking nonsense.

Like once i got lucid and my brother was next to me. And the first thing i wanted to do is remember what i planned to do when i get lucid. I knew there were 2 things i wanted to do. I remembered that 1 thing was to meet my DG and i couldnt think of the other thing (it was teleportation). So i asked my brother (he should theoretically be able to answer the question since everything that happens in the dream is a simulation of my brain). And well he answered: “You wanted to eat a hamburger light”. I was like: “… NO”.

Or another time i told some DC that i was dreaming right now and he asked me: “Does that mean that you are holding your breath right now??”

DCs hardly ever make sense to me.

When I become lucid, DCs act the same as they did before. It’s as if nothing has happened. They all act like they do IWL too. Most of the time their personalities are exaggerated though, like my friend, she laughs alot and likes a good joke but in my NDs and LDs…She laughs at everything I’m saying as if it’s a joke. Same for angry people too.

maybe your sister is a demon in disguise but only visible in the dreaming realm. :eh: