Dream Characters of Considerable Power

Hello everyone, I am new here and after lurking for a bit I decided to join.

I found this site after reading Robert Waggoner’s book “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self”. He mentions some DC’s whose control over the dream rivals that of the dreamer, and I’m wondering if anyone else has had any experiences similar to that.

I’m also wondering if anyone who had more experience than I could provide their insight as to who or what these dream characters are, and what their purpose (if any) is.

I’ll share a few of my dreams where I’ve encountered extremely powerful beings acting of their own volition, overriding my dream intentions.

This one is from around 6 months ago:

This character was the most powerful being I have ever encountered in a dream, possessing the capabilities of not only mitigating the control I could usually exert over a dream but also possessing the ability to obliterate both the dream landscape and me (causing me to die). I don’t remember his face, but I remember he was tall (maybe 6’4), thin, and was wearing a tuxedo while holding a briefcase. The setting of the dream was a stereotypical 50’s American suburb, with all houses and plots of land looking exactly the same, extending infinitely in all directions. The dream went as follows:

I wake up about 2 blocks away from the house in which the dream character resides. I realize I’m dreaming, so I decide to fly to that house specifically (I don’t know why I chose that house, I just felt a “pull” of sorts to it). I opened the door and saw that entity. I realized instantaneously that it was malicious and thus needed to be eradicated. However, when I tried to Avada Kedavra him, he simply waved the spell away (I say “waved”, but in reality the entity waves his hand like a musical conductor and caused the spell to disintegrate.) He then exploded. This caused a nuclear explosion, complete with mushroom cloud and blinding light, that decimated the entire area. I then died, respawned, and chose to wake up instead of rechallenging him.

The most peculiar part of the entire experience was that upon seeing that being, I knew that I was going to die and any efforts on my part to either postpone or avert my inevitable demise were in vain.

This LD is from 3-12-15:

I woke up in a house on a water fall, probably my house. The house was lavishly furnished and ornately detailed. There were double doors (French) leading to a large room / hallway with a balcony. A window covered the entirety of the room. On a table I asked to see the black scrapbook from a previous LD. Unfortunately, even after trying to move away and then look back at it to switch the scenery, all I saw were pages and pages of organic chemistry reactions. However, inside the book were two pages of interesting designs with beautiful colors. In the middle was an orange of pulchritude unparalleled. Look out the window, I saw a water fall and a shit load of trees. Beyond that were grassy plains stretching as far as the eye could see. I decided to fly and initiate a fight to test out my powers. A flew out the window and then was like “let’s go!” To the girl, who could also fly. I kind of wanted it to turn into a nightmare so I could destroy it, but it didn’t. I flew at her and tried to one shot her (like Soi Fon’s Suzumebachi) but she dodged. Some onlookers were there as well. I think I tried to initiate a sex dream, and the dream got fuzzy. I managed to stabilize it tho.

This is the most recent one, from 8-1-15:

I had a dream where I was on some icy planet. I saw a yellow dragon’s (or of a reptilian sort) eye encased in ice and said I have to be dreaming. The eye was insanely realistic. After stabilizing the dream by looking at my hand and back to the environment twice, I turned to Owen and told him to take my hand. He didn’t speak. We flew off the planet, and as we ascended it was just ice and a pattern for such a long time, for so long that at one point I wondered if it would ever end. It was like gray zigzags on a pure white backdrop, and it seemed like a fractal as we flew out. We flew to some sort of house or building. I had trouble landing and flying to some degree, which is odd because that rarely happens. There was one time where I was going to walk or something I thought to myself that I’m self imposing these rules. I saw a beautiful dream sculpture like thing made of all different colors in weird shapes strewn across a wall as I looked through the window inside the building. I remarked that I wished I could draw it in WPR. Several dream characters were there, some standing, some sitting, and I said “Will all thought forms please disappear”. Nothing happened, and some dream figure boy was like "You can’t do that yet ". He had brown hair and I think freckles, and his female caretaker was also with him. I asked why, and he said because you need something. I asked what again, and he said the Bible. I scoffed and he told me to follow him. We went into this room with his female caretaker. I bent down, took his head into my hands and thanked him. He said aren’t you relieved, and I said no. He told me that at least a God exists. I said I guess. I realized that this LD was lasting a long time and wanted to wake up to make sure I could remember it.

Could it be that these fragments of myself represent different aspects or intentions contrary to either my waking life / lucid awareness in that moment? What causes those ideas to manifest themselves in those particular forms? Why did they choose to act the way they did?

If none of the above are true, how would I go about interacting with them to figure out their true intentions? For example, in the first LD, that DC was insanely powerful. Would he simply be amenable to conversation if he could destroy the entire dreamscape?

Has anyone else experienced something similar to these types of DC’s?

Ending your post you stated:

What causes those ideas to manifest themselves in those particular forms? Why did they choose to act the way they did?
If none of the above are true, how would I go about interacting with them to figure out their true intentions?

We cannot seriously refer to various personal phenomena as true or untrue.
We cannot separate ourselves from our dreams.
We cannot separate ourselves from the world we live in.
We cannot use absolute terms for relative experience.
You are the dreamer, you are the opponent, you are the challenge, you are the landscape, you are the whole sequence of awakening and dreaming, and yet you are none of them.

If you will keep a Dream Journal for long, then after some time you get the certainty that dreaming and awakening are two complementary and hypnotic faces of the same abstract life stage.
We are currently potential representatives of our original self.
Dreaming and waking may (or may not) lead us to self realization.
Our inner voice is our only foundation…

Hi and welcome to the forum! I think I experience something similar to what you described.

There are DCs in my dreams that don’t quite feel like DCs. They feel like they aren’t a part of me, so I call them “anomalies”. They’re similar to the first case you described, malicious and insanely powerful.

A few of my cases:

  1. The Antichrist

This was back in high school. I had a lucid dream in which I looped the dream events (from morning to evening), changing some things until I was satisfied with how it turned out. I had the perfect outcome, but something bugged me to reset the dream once more. I did so, but this time it didn’t work. It was night. Okay, I thought, I guess the dream continues, and started going back towards my house on a computer chair (my usual transportation device). There was this guy on the other side of the street. He was bald, wore a suit and had a suitcase. He was whistling, and no matter how fast I was going, he was keeping up by just walking. When I got away from the city, I thought I lost him. I decided to fly over a patch of woods and return to the city, but he appeared in front of me, suddenly huge. I flew straight into him and fell down, waking up just before I hit the ground.

  1. The Lady in the Window

This is a scary one. She’s the most recurring anomalous character. She always looks the same - long, black hair parted in the middle, wide open blue eyes, and a white dress. She appears when I look through a window, and the sight of her locks me in a loop that feels like eternity. It takes a lot of strength to break out of it and I’m usually shaking a lot when I wake up.

  1. The Kimono Lady

This one appeared only once, and I think I wrote about it somewhere on the forum. She was dressed in a heian-era kimono, and she was sort of sparkling. I asked another DC how could she sparkle like that, because I wanted to try the same thing, and she freaked out. She grabbed me through the stomach, and another DC had to pull me into the house to get me out of that situation.

  1. The Angel Boy

I wrote about this one, too. Here’s the full dream.

  1. The Girl in Red + The Blind Twins

Recurring dream characters. Wrote about them here. Also, there is a DC there that your third example reminded me of - it was a forum member that said I couldn’t teleport yet without some practice. I had such DCs before, as well. I call them “Teachers”.

  1. The Lolita

Meeting this one was similar to the Angel boy - looking at her face caused her to attack. She wore a lolita dress in dark blue and white, and had white hair. If I ignored her or covered my eyes while going past her, I would be safe. But of course, I had to look.

Those are the ones I can think of right now.

I have no clue why they “appear”, though. It’s puzzling, since I don’t feel them as my characters. Normally, even with nightmares, I can deconstruct DCs in waking life, see why I dream about them, but these are different.

I try not to interact with them. Even looking at them can be really painful, so avoiding any confrontation is the easiest way to go.


You said that “If you will keep a Dream Journal for long, then after some time you get the certainty that dreaming and awakening are two complementary and hypnotic faces of the same abstract life stage.”

I agree with this. I find that dreaming and waking life are similar in that if you lose awareness in one or the other, you are merely a spectator instead of a main character.

However, what do you mean by “We cannot use absolute terms for relative experience.”? I would argue that the cruel irony of that statement is that you are using absolute terms to describe a relative experience of a relative experience :razz:


Thanks for the welcome! I have to say, those anomalies are intriguing. They sound so scary, but I think a lot could be learned from trying to interact with them, regardless of their malicious intent. Has anyone conducted research into the thoughts or actions of these characters?

What would happen if you tried to project love onto them?

Thanks for the info, I have another goal now.

Welcome to ld4all ~Phantasmagoria~ :smile:

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testing the “realness” of Dream Characters :spinning:

Thank you Phantasmagoria for your well noticed ironic statement of mine.
You are absolutely right!
A very sharp observation! I needed someone to call me back in order!

But our best allies are mostly our enemies along with their weapons.
And so it was your final statement…
If none of the above are true, how would I go about interacting with them to figure out their true intentions?
…that arose my central conviction that we cannot use absolute terms without some degree of distortion and error.
I still insist on this.
We cannot attribute “true intentions”, or “truth” to anything.
Truth is for me a prohibited term and an aphorism.
Just for being so absolute a term, incapable of any compensation.
In spite the fact that we use “Truth” so often ,this is a very misleading term guiding directly to illusion.
And when it is attributed to DC or nightmares then I burst!


Thanks for the welcome! I do have a question for you, though.

You say that

“…that arose my central conviction that we cannot use absolute terms without some degree of distortion and error.
I still insist on this.
We cannot attribute “true intentions”, or “truth” to anything.
Truth is for me a prohibited term and an aphorism.
Just for being so absolute a term, incapable of any compensation.
In spite the fact that we use “Truth” so often ,this is a very misleading term guiding directly to illusion.”

I don’t understand how truth leads directly to illusions. Could you explain that? Whenever I try to interpret your sentences regarding truth I just find paradoxes. :bored:

The problem is that a paradox arises, because you say that “We cannot attribute ‘true intentions’, or ‘truth’ to anything”, yet this statement is supposedly true, yet if we cannot attribute truth to anything then the statement doesn’t make any sense, therefore we can’t even attribute that quality of the statement to the statement itself.

You definitely have a point and I am glad you insist.
The unending quest for “truth” belongs to thirsty and unsatisfied individuals.
Questions and doubts are more valuable than answers…

I try to discard misconceptions on a logical and philosophical level, so I will try to make a definite distinction between our certainties and “truth”.
As long as we use terms like: certainty, fact, proven, pragmatic, reality, etc. I have no problem dealing with any situation. There is placed your point!
But when we refer to any “truth”, we are referring to something totally objective and therefore by definition outside our possible subjective understanding.
Truth exists but it is Something we cannot perceive within our limited frame of perception.
We are relative entities and so are our so called “truths”.
We use the term from necessity and economy of words …fooling ourselves.
Alas, We are making a systematic error fooling ourselves that we have a firm base for foundation.
Perhaps if we would ever discover the Unified Theory of Everything, or if by something extraordinary we would all instantly change and attain enlightenment at once, then perhaps we might have access to this unique way of universal understanding.

A very well illustrating paradigm is the parabola of the cave in Plato, where men are viewing the shadows of things, and not the things themselves.
I am convinced it happens, and I try to attain my personal knowledge impartially.

I would never provoke someone about it, but I could not resist to open the subject with someone that observes himself day and night comparing two parallel “realities”.
A Lucid Dreaming researcher has the unique opportunity to understand the illusionary nature of the every day and night reality.
Anyone that may observe and record the relative impressions of day and night, after a while comes to a spherical viewing that opens new horizons of being.
Once you get the hunch that our days might be as real as our nights… then you have a challenge worth evolving to a next level of Consciousness…


Thank you for your reply! That was a very interesting read.

I have another question. By your definition of truth, truth is something totally objective. Would something viewed in the same way by more than one person in an objective fashion then constitute a truth? In this case, subjectivity is the progenitor of objectivity; paradoxically, subjective viewpoints can uncover objective truths.

For example, since all humans (barring genetic aberrations) have the same cone cells, my blue is the same as your blue. Although technically we have two subjective viewpoints, we arrive at an objective truth.

Objectivity and truth is by no means a state established by the preference of the great majority of opinions.
On the contrary, masses are unable to guarantee impartiality.
All great revelations in science and in spirit are the result of isolated individuals.
Objectivity is impossible within the limit of our 4 dimensional perception.
As we well know scientifically, more than 10 dimensions exist constituting the essential truth of our cosmos. Each of them showing an aspect of the truth.
So it is impossible to have a complete and objective opinion on anything within the context of our humanly limited observation.
We only reach partial knowledge out of the truth, and we are in a constant state of approach. Ad Infinitum.

To go a step further:
We cannot even find usable words to convey THE “truth”, as it lays in the realm the unspeakable essence and far from our language.

Of course such a realization is extremely disturbing, and religions rush to fill the uncertainty gap with supernatural promises of eternal bliss in paradise for the convenience of the masses.

You as an independent entity search and experience your personal adventure in the quest of your own personal realizations…
Carry on brother.

Yes, that could be. Recognition of anything, such as a tuxedo briefcase in suburban America, or a house by the forests and fields with running water, or a young boy with faith in the Bible, can have meanings form to it from a variety of ways. Maybe the tuxedo man represents anxiety at conforming to societal expectations. Maybe a house in the wilderness represents creativity, or anxiety at not conforming to societal expectations. Maybe the boy represents innocence, or duty (such as caring for a child), or was a way for your mind to logically explain why your dream powers weren’t working even if it was emotional. (One time, I couldn’t walk in a dream and looked down and saw that I wore a very tight skirt. It was actually that my dog got on the bed and laid down.)

With most “power struggles” in lucid dreams, I’ve discovered that just taking a moment to accept that it’s there can help. Instead of opposing Mr. Tuxedo, you could simply take a moment to go, “I recognize you as insanely powerful.” If that DC doesn’t want to talk after that, then it will tell you something.

Here is an interesting experience of a lucid dreamer with a recurring nightmare figure.

yes, you do need the Bible. God gives us dreams. With Him we can understand our dreams. Keep exploring.