Dream Characters

I’m starting this topic because i want to hear about the bizarre things dream characters have said to you during lucid dreams or just the normal dreams - so if you don’t mind can you tell me all about them because the stories are often amusing. :tongue:

Can’t say much there; my dream characters are suspiciously quiet. I wonder if they’re hiding something from me… :eh:


well I had dream char tell me (after i asked him how to improve my self confidence) he said “Perfection is lost in the fossils” and also “Follow the path your on”…im not sure if that last one was meant for the real world or for a dream path because i lost lucidty/woke u right after talknig to him cause i guess i was excited about doing it

DC’s have been assholes AND teachers.

Assholes: DC’s have lied and connived to make me realize I was NOT dreaming when I was, and have attempted to irritate me and make me lose lucidity. Fuckers.

Teachers: I had an LD where my best friends betrayed me and refused to talk to me, making fun of me and not asking me about the trip I had just been on. At last fed up, I confronted one and was told “don’t you realize it’s all in front of you?!” Then I realized I was dreaming at last, had a short lived Ld, and awoke. I meditated on this dream and realized that my subconscious taught me one thing. I, a person who has had issues with trusting friends for ages, was living a lie by refusing to trust my friends and imagining them as enemies, when in reality all they wanted to do was help me and make me be happy (GO LUCID, and such). If I remained in the false world (Dream), I would be unhappy forever. However, if I trusted them, I would be catapulted into the real world of complete awareness, or something corny like that.

So to be blunt, I have changed because of that one dream, and have it permanently remembered so I never forget and go astray.

“I’ll eat your face and then break it with my fist!” Very angry DC said that to me. But he was so innocent looking, red hair, freckles and a kid of about 10 years old.

Thats really good Magus :ok: . I let some dreams influence my life too.

daysong said:

– yeah same here :neutral:

apparently your DCs are enlightened beings.

I kind of wish my DCs would talk more though. It would make my non-lucid dreams more interesting. Whenever they do talk it’s nothing interesting… it’s always just about the current dream situation. Example:

Me: Wow, it’s really sunny out today.

DC: Yeah. It is.



more…MORE!!! :clown:

I was in a LD once and I approached an obese man with no face. He (it) obviously had no mouth, yet, he (it) was still able to communicate with me. Consequently, I heard it say, “Please feed me, Oh God, Please feed me.” For some reason he reminds me of my brother…peculiar…

My DCs are packed full of insight, humanity and conversation (among other vital components). Granted, some of them tend to ignore me, or behave unpredictably, but that doesn’t happen too often. Those that resemble RL friends and family converse with astonishing coherency, and realism.

Surprisingly though, DCs rarely fight back… er, should anything attack them for whatever reason.

lol how cool is this topic. hmm i will dig through my dd and see waht i come across. i have had a lot :smile:


MyDCs have also been suscipiously quiet lately found only one qoute since July 14 and it is pretty lame:
“Thats the one that got pregnant”
It’s certainly not enlightening.

On a sidenote, nice avatar Athiest. When did you change it? Recently I presume.

I have a DC that follows me around and helps me do stuff.

“Watch out for the cow” she told me once
I’m still trying to figure that one out…

EDIT:damn i Can’t spell today.

Thanks, I changed it a few days ago. I call it “Guess who just got PhotoShop?”. It represents about 25 minutes of random clicking on various effects and tools until something appeared that looked moderately acceptable.

Look out for my next piece of art in a few weeks, titled “Ah, so that’s what a layer is.” :wink:

:rofl: That quote just made my day. Anyway, my DCs (when there are any) are also very quiet. When they do talk I don’t remember much because they don’t say things of much interest. Hm, must work on my dream recall.