dream charaters

is there a way to meet a dream charater in one of ur dreams that has already been in ur dream? and what if u dont know their name, can u still get them in ur dream?

If you can remember what they look like, I don’t think it really matters whether or not you can remember their name.

I have had this dream once that seemed important, a few months later another dream same woman. I think she could be my spirit guide. But my mind always seems drunk when she is around.

Like being in limbo, i have perfect memory of events as they happen but no control. Never rmeembered her name i would like to meet her again. only with some control.

your subconscious most likely has that person stored and will never forget him/her. for example, i’m sure there are people you know IRL yet right now if you tried you couldn’t picture what they look like. yet sometimes you have dreams with those people in them, and they look like they do IRL.

in your LD’s, if you want to see that same dream character as before you just have to imagine him/her being behind a door, behind the corner, or just make him/her appear. whatever your style for making people appear is, just imagine the DC being there. your subconscious probably will take care of her and even if you can’t remember her name or what she looks like, it is likely that you can get her back.

good luck XxDreamerxX! :smile: