Dream Check needed...

Well sometimes when you dream, you try to do a reality check.
Today, when I woke up, I did a small check to see if I ever did in real life something I do occasionnally in my dreams. (I call this dream check and not reallity check, cause I did this one in real life and not in a dream :wink:)

Maybe 5 years ago, when I started to remember my dreams, I soon realised that I did some strange things in dreams. When I needed to go fast for example, I noticed I started to run on my hands (sometimes hands and feeth like a leopard, or sometimes hands only), I found this really strange but when I started to read about dreams, I read running is a difficult thing in dreams, so running on my hands wasn’t too strange afterall.

The other thing I did in my dreams was descending stairs in a curious but fast way.

I put one footh in front of the other en I slide fluently from the stairs, it’s almost like skiing. (top image) Two years ago, having dreamed this stairsthing, I woke up and I was SOO CONFUSED!! I wondered, “have I ever done this in real life?”. It seamed such a normal way of descending stairs, it felt like I did it a thousend times before, and at least several times in real life. I looked at the stairs for at least 5 minutes if it was possible to do this, and if I could remember that I ever did this in real life.

This morning (in my dream), I used another technique to descent the stair, I placed one footh next to the other, and on my heels I was sliding from te stairs. This was a less fluent motion, it gave a little hop at every step. but it was fast. (bottom image). Again, when I woke up, I was soo very confused! It seemed like I even had done this a million times before, and even a hundred times in real life. Almost like this is the normal way to descent stairs.

This stairsdescending thing and this running on my hands should be good dreamsigns but they really aren’t. They seem soo real and so natural that it doesn’t come to my head that this is a dream. On the contrary! It comes to my head when I’m awake, that I could have done this before in real life!

Has anyone ever experienced something like this?

Ive had dreams of sliding down the stairs…never thought anything of it…I though it might have been something I did when I was little…like mabe falling down the stairs or losing your footing and sliding down a couple of stairs…hmmm

…oh my god. why i havent notice that before! i do the same thing with stairs!! i mean, not the first thing you told, but the other one, where your feet are together and going by heels. amazing…
i actually havent tought about it, but now, when im reading your text, these dream-stair-situations keep coming into my mind. still when i think the funny way i’ve been sliding, it feels completely normal. …i tried just tried it :grin: …but of course i didnt manage to do that in a real life.
why i really havent noticed it? wierd. now im all confused… :eh: