Dream clock was 100% right

I had this weird lucid this morning that I wanted to share and see what you think about it (if anything.)

Well this morning I found myself in this semi-conscious state that I know can be used for lucid dreaming (some might say OBE or AP) and so I just consentrated into my third eye area and started drifting away from my bed down to the floor. This technique always brings me to the dream version of my rl room. The vision was quite blurred and I knew I can’t hold this long and decided just to look at the clock and see what it is.

Ofcourse I have done this before but the clock I used to check in my earlier lucids was digital and I couldn’t get any hold of it as the digits always changed when I looked back at it. This clock was analog. I watched the time in it and did it three times and I mean I really got a good look to it. I decided to woke myself and check what it really is.

To my great surprise the clock was just what it was in my dream. The minutes matched and the seconds had passed like twenty to thirdy seconds from the dream clock. This just makes me wonder…

Makes you wonder if you really had an OBE? Personally I dont believe you can get outside your body and look around. I do believe that you have an internal clock and maybe what you saw in your dream was really what time it was, because you your internal clock. Then you woke up and found the same time as your dream. Thats sweet that you had a lucid dream, I am still working on my 2nd for a 2 month period of trying. I hope I could help though!

Interesting experience. It could have been your internal clock I guess, but I’m more inclined to think it was an OBE. It’s perfectly possible to do something like that. Plus don’t clocks usually change or have no hands or something in dreams?