Dream Continuity

Hello, all! Last night, I had a series of foggy dreams that seemed to follow a logical order, like a story. They did this despite the fact that I woke up between them, and last night wasn’t the first time that they’ve done that.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I’m sure that nearly everyone has, and some have experienced it more often than others. WritersCube’s dreams have nearly perfect continuity, while others’ are rarely similar at all. For the majority of dreamers, objects, places, people, and situations may reappear multiple times over the course of hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Why does this happen? Why do dreams seem to flow seemlessly at times, or use recurring themes? Has anyone had an unusual experience with dream continuity?

When I was young, the first thing my older brother would do upon waking up was tell the continuation to his most recent dream. Every night his dreams continued. He had such fantastical dreams.

I’ve had dreams with continuity. With chains I’ve picked up right where I’ve left off a few times. Sometimes I’ll purposely induce the continuation to a fun dream where I still felt there were things to discover, find out, and experience. I can’t stand when the ending of a story gets cut off. :tongue:
But thinking about it, the majority of my dreams have some continuity in a sense. My DC’s seem to remember me if I run into them again and remember what I’ve been up to, and my dream world is very consistent. If I do damage somewhere, sometimes it stays the same when I come back to the area. I’ve even ran into Dream Police a few times on my case about stuff I’ve done in past dreams! :lol:

Hehe sounds familiar, I also liked doing that, when I woke up from a long dream story and wanted to know how it would end. I didn’t know about lucid dreaming back then. When I now try this and also try to become lucid in the sequel, it wakes me up too much and fails. :eh:


I have continous dreams quite often. Last week I kept waking up during the night. Then I tried to WILD or WBTB, and most of the times the dream goes on where it left off, or has someting to do with it.

I sometimes have dreams that are continous with a dream I had weeks or even months before. After I wake up I realise that I have dreamt that before…

I’ve had some dreams continue from time to time, but not very often. For a couple it happened by way of waking up, focusing on only the dream while awake, and falling asleep again. I believe the dreams would continue from whatever scene I was thinking through, just slightly different and usually a little longer. Kind of like lucid chaining, but with NDs. :tongue: Some other things I can think of would mostly be nightmares or certain DCs, they’ll usually remember me.

Yeah I’ve had continuous dreams, I don’t have them very frequently though. I must say the feeling of continuous dreams is great, It’s like a never ending story with ups and downs :happy:

Most of my dreams have plots of some sort…most. I’ve hit both extremes of having NO story and just being completely random and have had dreams with plots that went into the next few nights’ dreams!

I think it’s all about how organized your thought process is (of your subconscious), and how organized you knowledge of that topic is. It could also be a matter of how much attention you are paying to things around you. Short attention span would probably result in a very chaotic, dynamic dream scene.

Yeah it’s happened to me. One night I had 6 dreams that chained from the same story. Which was kinda strange, because to me it all felt like the same story, but like I jumped about a few times.

Also, I have this thing where, something happens in a dream and then in another dream I remember that this thing happened before. It happens like you would have a memory of the past in real life. Sometimes it feels like my dream self has its own life and memory completely separate yet partly apart from my real life one. Does any one else feel like that? Well, I’ve never been able to ld so that’s probably why but yeah. >_<

Usually my dreams have some overall logic, although I haven’t been recording NDs as faithfully as I should until recently. For example, last night, my first remembered dream involved eating at a restaurant, and a later dream involved getting lost and stopping at a restaurant. There are also common threads. Last night, most of my dreams had high school band related DCs. This is really common for me. Sometimes I’ll dream a dream twice, but the second dream takes a totally different turn.

I only had a reoccurring dream once. It was during a week in 1st grade. I’ve heard from a lot of friends that they’ll get reoccurring dreams all the time, and that they develop into freaking epics multiple nights long.

My dreams have callbacks to other dreams.

For example, one night I had a dream about exploring a large restroom :razz:, and last night I remembered that moment in my dream. (I didn’t get lucid though :sad:)

This is really rare for me, but sometimes my dreams continue. Usually it’s all in the same night.

It happend once; I had the exact same dream a year later.

My dreams do this all the time. I actually love it when they do this because the stories in my dreams are ridiculously epic. Sometimes The same story will play out in my dreams throughout an entire night.
Also this weird thing happens to me after most of my lucid dreams… sometimes when a LD ends the following ND is about waking up and talking to a friend or a family member about the LD I just had. I would explain all the details about the LD to someone and how I felt during it and everything, without realising that I’m STILL dreaming.