dream control

Hello :smile:
I made a lucid dream last night in which i would like to make spawn a sword. I expected this lucid dream since more than one week. And the sword appears, but it didn’t seem realistic. I dont know if it is because i was aware that i was in a dream so it “is false”. Sometimes I feel like my lucid dream are not really good because i know that all is not real. Or if i didn’t achieve to make appear the sword and i imagined it in the morning. However, I am sure that i saw the sword, maybe i only imagined it during my lucid dream. is it possible ? Does it happened to someone else ?
I did something quite similar another night. I wanted to make appear a car in front of me (I didn’t know it is a bad way) but the car was invisible and someone was sit in this invisble car and i can’t do anything with it.
Sorry for my english :sad:

hi Gabriel! your story is familiar. it takes confidence and practice to KNOW that the dream will do what you tell it.

try looking at other objects in the dream. they also arent real, but they look very real. so tell yourself you can summon a sword that looks just as real.

if you find yourself with an unrealistic sword, be confident that it will become more real each second. tell yourself that swinging it will make it real, or hitting something with it will turn it real.

you can also try switching senses. if something doesnt look real, like the invisible car, know that it will feel real when you touch it. believe that touching it will make it more real and more visible. you can also shout commands, like “make car visible now!”

whatever happens, keep trying and being confident your next approach will work. good luck :smile:

This is a very common problem. For me, it works a lot better to not try to change things while they are in plain view. If I need a car, there will be one behind the next corner, behind this door, or even directly behind me. Trying to force change while looking at it is extremely difficult. Sometimes, the car is too small, like a toy car. It has helped to stretch it out with my bare hands until it is the right size.

It has also worked well to imagine that what I want is right behind me.

Thanks you for answers. i’m rassured to see that i’m not alone !
I look forward to test your advice :grin: