Dream Control

I’m having a hard time controlling my dreams when lucid. Often, I can’t shout commands because I can’t speak. Also, I seem to have bad sight when LDing, sometimes I’m cross-eyed). Most of the time, I can’t find my hands, they are simply not there. When trying to manipulate an object, nothing happens.
Basically, I have NO dream control whatsoever. I have nothing to use to gain dream control either, I feel really powerless.

Anyone, help :smile:

(How come I haven’t seen a sticky about dream control anywhere? hint, HINT :wink: )

Hi Odd2k ehm a question how are your normal dreams then…can you then walk talk etc? See normal etc?


Well, first of all I never talk in my dreams. If i say something, I say it telepathicly I think.
My eyesight is pretty ok in my average non-lucid dreams, though not as good as in RL (or pherhaps the dreams themselves aren’t that vivid). The moment I go lucid, my eyesight goes terrible, there is this fog over everything.
Oh, I can walk/move in all of my dreams.

When LDing, I get really poor sensory input. Once I tried feeling the floor with my hand, couldn’t feel a thing.

odd2k,… i have the same problem

when i realize i’m lucid and try to look at my hands… i cant., and i can’t talk sometimes either so i send telepathic messages that i dont think even get through to the people…, :neutral:

the thing is,… this only happens some times in my lucid dreams., other time’s i have full controll… :eh:

maybe you should try spinning around to gain awareness…,

i used the wake back to bed method almost every time i have a lucid dream…, i’m not so sure,… but i think the dream controll you have depends on how much sleep you get,… or how long you stay awake during wake back to bed…,

do you use any certain method to lucid dream? if so… which one??

mmm weird Odd2k… ever tried voice commands then…not spoken with mouth but whith inner voice…mentally?
Maybe that could help or whisteling a tune in your head, activating your righthemisphere?

Just let me know when u tried those two options ok? :wink:
curious :smile:


I don’t really know, techically I have only had about 5 LDs. Most of the time I use WBTB, with the exception that I only stay awake for less than 1 minute :tongue:
The other night I managed to fly superman-style :happy:
I don’t really have trouble doing things, I’m having trouble perceiving and manipulating the details in my dreams, because… there aren’t any :sad:

ah ok now i understand you fully Odd2k mmm i c!
Well then still voice commands u could try for more details i and many other ld ppl use it like increase lucidity or increase detail 10 times etc
Try it one night then and tell if it helps.
If it doenst lol we have to think for other options to experiment from.


OK I will try commands with my inner voice if my actual voice won’t work.
btw I have also tried spinning… I crashed into some furniture and fell on the floor :ack: hehe

Rofl Odd2k hehehe but i c that before me with an image lol and it looks funny…i had that one time long long ago at the beginning of my lucid dreams journey lol…
I was 19 then and my first year i found out about lucid dreams.
I did a spin tech then near a closet not to spin but i dance a lot and do then those turning moves so i though lets try it in a ld and i fell between the cornflakes, and a jar of honey fell on my head in my ld, then i just laughed very loud lol


I’m having a different kind of control problem. I sometimes can’t move but mostly I can move, but I can’t go through walls or fly. I can’t get what I want when I ask people for them. For example, I demanded that I have sex with her, and she was gone when I turned around. So I tried putting my hand through a wall. I imagined the wall was water, but I stubed my thinger on the wall and it was painful. (Even though no actual pain was coming to me).

Technodreame Pain is in the head

It means TEchnoDreamer your to much involved wiht the rational part of your conciousness in your dream…to have controle you need to be in contact with the associative power of the mind the emotional and feeling side of your consciousness.
I said it before when i sometimes dont have enough control in a ld i sing and dance to activate my righthemisphere in my dream to get more associated with my dream.


Geees… So not only do I have to spin around, do some maths (To activate the left logical hemesphere), do a reality check (just to make sure) and then keep calm. I now have to dance! Just joking. :smile:

I don’t particularly control how rational I am. I am a rational person sometimes though. What is “associative” power. Won’t picking numbers randomly activate both sides and connect them. I’ll try this.


Me : " i demand that we have sex"

Her : " no !"

Me : " okay what if i do a little dance.,and sing a bit… :bounce: ? "

Her : "okay :smile: "


Control, I find, comes just with experience. In my first LD I couldn’t induce someone to do my bidding, but in later ones I absolutely dominated all around me.

It’s about confidence; if you have doubts, your mind will convert those into dream characters/unsatisfactory results. It’s like the old adage: “Success breeds success”.

By my 2nd “Full blown” LD, my dialogue was like this:

Me: “I demand that we have sex”
Girl: “Nah, maybe tomorrow”
Me: “I demand that we have sex”
Girl: “YES!”