Dream Curtosy

In LD s I find that if I dont follow certain rules that it can cause nothing to hapen and in reading this forum I believe that there are some rules to dreaming. Here I will list the ones I can think of. Please feel free to add by way of reply.

Rule1: If you have a shared dream dont try to intentionally harm or harrass real people.

Rule2: Dont try to alter the dreamscape too much. If you dont like it then just go some were different.

Rule3: If you feel that you shouldent be doing something than dont do it. It may resalt in waking up.

Rule4: Keep in mind that not all DC s are in your mind. Some may be Real people, Dream gides, or Angels.

Dont feel you have to follow these rules it is just that it may have bad or unexpected reasaults if you dont. All rules are optionall and it reacts differently in every ones mind.


(Dreams are dreams. There are no rules, and people are capable of doing anything they want in them.)

Rules in dreams are important, and the ones listed by Shikigami are proberably the ones i stick to the most.

Rules in dreams? Perhaps an ethic code. You can do everything in a dream without waking up. Although I agree with the first rule, with a completion from the 4th.

OR DEMONS!! :content:

LOL! :rofl: I geuss it could be demons but that might mean your subcontios is alitle crazy. :crazy:

P.S. mabey nargles are in on it to.