Dream Deterence?

This just occured to me this morning.
WhenI sleep at night, I have a floor fan that blows in my face all night. I am extremely hot natured and NEVER get cold. Then unfortunate thing is, I always overheat, so I have the fan to keep me relitively cool while I sleep.
The fan is similar to the posted.

I was wondering if the fan wind in my face, the sound the fan makes, or my hair blowing around (I have longer hair for a guy) is having an effect on my dreaming. Do you think it would deter dreaming?

Thank you and Good Night!

One time I had a dream where I kept having this feeling of pressure on half of my face. I didn’t become lucid, but the whole time I kept noticing it. When I woke up, I noticed I was sleeping on my stomach (very rare for me) with a lot of pressure on the right side of my body, including my head.

External stimuli can enter dreams like this, so it might have an effect on what you dream about, but it shouldn’t reduce dreaming or anything if you can sleep fine with it on. Maybe the wind will make you dream about moving quickly? The sound probably doesn’t have very much of an effect. White noise actually helps some people sleep.

I don’t think it can deter your dreaming - unless you are uncomfortable with it, that is.

Anyway, consider that overheating (Up to sweating) deters dreams a lot, so it might be better to keep your fan in its place.

Overall, though, try and see if you can sleep with a thinner blanket, or with an open window instead of the fan - it might be more comfortable for you (Besides using less energy, with global warming and stuff)

Only problem is, I live in Florida, where the temp is always at least 70 degrees and the humidity is at 100% lol

That’w what I was wondering, because of that LD gear out there that emits sounds, so I thought there was a possibility it might have a positive effect. :obe:

I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with a fan blowing in your face.
That’s the best way to become sick.

I think it can affect your dreams.It can get windy in your dreams or there could be a tornado or something like that.

I’ ll risk getting sick. I come from a line of people with VERY strong immune systems :smile: , Besides, if I overheat, I can gaurentee you I will become sick.

Also, If I had a tornado in my dreams, I would be celebrating lol. Meteorology is my SCIENCE! 'Tis what I live for!
And I LOVE the wind!