Dream Diary - By hand or on PC?


I writing down my dreams in my DJ since last month, and the problem is that it’s boring for me to write all my dreams down every day - I write enough with my hand at school =P

On the computer I could write down my dreams a lot faster and easier and it wouldn’t be so annoying for me - but does that also have any disadvantages?

If it’s better to write it down IRL by hand, I will continue doing it so - LDing is always worth it’s price :content:

Thank you!

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Writing on your computer is easier, but most people don’t keep their computer running 24/7 so when you wake up you’ll first have to turn on your computer before you can write everything down. I’d recommend you to have like a notepad next to your bed so you can write down keywords when you wake up, and then later write it more detailed on your computer.

why don’t you just write the basic stuff in your DJ and then expand on it on the comp? Write enough so you remember, or can remember more easily and then take it to you comp when you can write it all

edit:…what movieme said. I didnt even read the last sentence when i probably should have

Hm, at the beginning I wrote down notes onto a paper next to my bed and then wrote everything into my DJ, but I then stopped doing it because I’m always too tired in the morning ^^
Im now writing down my dreams every evening, and it works quite well - even without notes…

I had my DJ on my computer since september 2005, but then it dissapeared in my latest computer crash :sad:

But i would recomend running both at the same time. Have a notebook at the bedside so that you can make some qwuick notes as soon as you wake upp just to remind you later on. the beauty is that you dont really have to whrite whole scenteces just words will be enough. Once you se them you will rember the dream verry clear and then you can write down a more detailed version on your computer :happy:

If you are running PC there is a great program called Idiary wich is very very usefull.

I stopped doing LD for a while and took a break. I’m getting back into it now. Gotta keep up with that DJ now. I had 2 Dreams last night one Lucid : D but not vivid D : but only lasted like 20 seconds.

It’s fine, I’ve done it before. The key thing to remember is that you don’t forget your dreams when you ‘grab’ onto them. When you’re turning on the computer, just keep the dream in your mind, playing through it again and again until you write it down.

This also has the added advantage of you remembering it better later in the day.

Notes plus a computer is a bit much, I’d suggest just using the computer right away after waking up, since you’ll practice your recall mostly when you write down your stuff when you remember it the most; that is when you just awakened.

I always take notes right when I wake up. I then go to the bathroom while my computer is starting up. When I come back I write down my dreams properly with the help of my notes. I have my dream diary as an XML file styled with an XSL stylesheet. :smile:

For my notes I use a little panel with a foil where you can write stuff on and erase it by drawing out the part with the foil. I don’t know what it is called but it’s quite handy.

I write my dreams both on the computer, and by hand, but I do it in a different way…

I write down the interesting, cool ones on the computer (because I usually end up writing out many details, thoughts, feeling and associations on the computer), and then I write the less interesting, more common ones in a “by hand DJ” (because I never bother writing out every detail when I write by hand), just to keep my dream recall and my focus on dreams running.

Sometimes I use notes as well, to remember the dreams better… but I never scribble in my by-hand DJ. :razz:

When I first started keeping a dream journal I wrote them down on the computer, and it seems like those dreams weren’t near as detailed as the ones I’ve been writing by hand recently. What I’ve done to help me get my dreams down faster is come up with my own shorthand for writing them using terms that only I understand to make things easier. Even though I am an amateur writer myself, I prefer to type with a keyboard as my handwriting is awful and I get terrible cramps in my left hand.

Nothing seems to be able to keep the dream images and sensations in my mind as effectively as trying to write them all down the moment I remember them; without doing anything else whatsoever. Sometimes this can be a problem if I happen to remember more than a page’s worth of material. If you’re pressed for time you might want to write down as much as you can and then finish it later. Though of course discipline and perseverance would be best :wink:.

You might be able to do it just as well on a computer as with a paper journal, though you’d have to try both methods out in a very methodical way, just to see which one is most effective. Then that’s the one you use.

I agree, you have to find the method most suitable for you.

Personally, I never forget details. I rather forget a whole dream or storyline. That’s why a few notes are sufficient for me to remember the whole plot, but nevertheless - as already mentioned - I prefer to write it down properly to my clean, organized computer dream diary.

Thank you all for your helpful answers! :content:

Yes, I think at last I have to find my method myself - but I think I will stay at the good old by-hand DJ ^^

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Of course, there is always a third option; a typewriter! You can find them cheap in secondhand stores. Although you wouldn’t want to get a manual for this job. It’s much easier to buy new ribbons and correction tape for an electric one. Although they are a little bit expensive. It all depends on how lazy you are.

Just set it up on a nightstand and you can start writing right there in bed :wink:.

I have been keeping a folder on my computer where I store dreams I have written down in the past. I like typing because I can do it so much quicker than hand-writing, not to mention my handwriting is aweful.
I tend to remember my dreams, very very well and in full detail throughout the day. What I need to get better at doing is during the day when other memories pop up, to note them in my palm pilot or something, and then compile everything into one place. Another place I"ve got a lot of dreams typed up is in my email because I"ll email my best friend to tell her about the crazy dream i just had :wink:
But it is hard for me to write them down as soon as i wake up because i tend to oversleep and then have to get ready to go to work and leave quickly. But i often make time at work to send the email, so i still get it written down.
I’m just bad about routines. They aren’t my style and it is hard to stick to them. It would be nice if i wrote down my dreams every day…
But i do have a really amazing memory for my dreams, and I often have experiences that trigger my dream memory of dreams from long, long ago. Hard to place them in time is the problem, but sometimes when talking to a friend (esp new ones it seems) i will have all this dream recall happening…

Another idea: Handheld tape recorder. You can transcribe your dreams later. This way you can do it while eating, getting dressed, whatever.

I second the tape recorder. I keep one by my bed and record myself talking about my dreams as soon as I wake up, when the dreams are most clear in my head. Then later on in the day I’ll type them up on the computer.

If it wasn’t for that I don’t think I would be able to keep a dream journal, because when I wake up the last thing I want to do is turn on the lights. Not to mention most of the time when I dream I wake up in the middle of the night, and it’s so much easier to record them on a tape then get out of bed to write them down at 2am :content:

For me the pc works best.I have it running all night so its convinient,and of course faster.
I usually give up fast on things,but now its 7 months that i have been writing down my dreams every single day.
If it wasnt on pc,i would have give up.And i consider my dream recall excellent.