Dream Dictionary - Work for everyone?

So, I was at a book store yesterday and checked out the New Age section as usual. There was plenty of books that were a dictionary of dream signs (listed in alphabetical order, like a real dictionary). I’m sure you all know what they are.

I heard that things in your dreams mean different things to you than it would to other people. Is that true (for the most part)?

Would it be worth it to get one of the dream dictionary’s? (I was afraid this would happen, ‘dictionary’s’ doesn’t look right, but nor does ‘dictionaries’. Hmm.)

I’m not sure if I explained that well enough - just reply and tell me to revise that, and I will :smile:


To me, a dream dictionary could be very vague. I’m no expert, but I expect it’s just randomness churned out to please us hippies. I could be wrong, of course.
One thing I can tell you in certainty is that the word you’re looking for is dictionaries. :happy:

To me, the dream dictionaries are worthless. They are just random and vague things that may apply to most people. But, since dreams an be interpreted many different ways, you may want to get a dream dictionary or borrow one form the local library just for fun, though i feel the best interpretations are from your own self, since a book doesn’t really know who you are.

When i was at my library one time looking for EWLD (which turns out some tiny library in the middle of nowhere, but still in my system, has it!), i found the dream interpretation from the Quran. Hmm, maybe it will work for SOME people, but to me it was the most random and incorrect interpretations ever! :razz:

It’s like a book of suggestions. You can look through it and it can be fun, but I wouldn’t spend money on it. What would be really fun to see would be Freuds dream dictionary. That could be down right comical.

I second that. The only good dream dictionary you could use would be one you would create for yourself. Who else could crack your code?

I have dream dictionaries but I dont really use them much. I dont find them very helpful but sometimes if I had a really odd dream I do use one if I cant decipher it myself. I dont rely on them though and just use them as a guide if I do. I would really like to make my own but I dont know how to go about it. Has anyone made one for themselves?