Dream dictionary?

I’m not exactly sure where this would go, but does anyone know where to find a relativly relible dream dicitonary? I’ve been having weird dreams latly, so have two of my other friends. I say weird because 1.They are too realistic to be my normal dreams…just kinda feels like a normal day cept a little blurred and whenever i want to move fast i move as though underwater…
2. I cannot ‘erase’ them like i can with dreams i dont like.
3.They are reacurring.
4.Cant stop thinking about them.
So anyone got any dictionary’s? it would be helpful…maybe.

Try googling “Freaky Dreams” or “Dream Moods” or generally “Dream Dictionary”. I can help interpret or define a dream if you need help with so.

This site seems to be quite nice. That page’s about recurring dreams, but there’s plenty more about dreams in general there :smile: