Dream enducing?

I have just been introduced of getting into my dreams and attempting to get ludicy , it intrists me a lot about lds, and i want to start practicing, i’ve been looking at my hands proboly 40 times today… the only problem… i havent been remember my dreams at all for the past months, just …falling asleep then waking up almost imediatly, not seeing my dreams while im dreaming them either. is there any way that gives me a better chance to have dreams? also tips on a beginner to lds ?https://ld4all.com/forum/images/smiles/0helpmijplease.gif

there is a lot of advice about remembering dreams in Sticky: the BIG remembering dreams topic part V Link and there are earlier parts too :smile:

for starting out to LD
I advise reading “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader and Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

Welcome by the way. :user: :welcome:

i still need to figure out any tips on how to get dreams, most nights i just fall asleep instantly wake up i dont even have dreams basicly how i can i get dreams easier???
i heard to put lavender in your pillow

everyone has multiple dreams every night

so you just have to work on recalling them

I suggest going to the guide and reading up on the section: First-Remember.

It gives a lot of helpful tips.

Alright, i am about to go to bed in about. hour , hour and a half, well after i watch this movie. i am hoping to have some dreams i remember in the morning, and if im suppper lucky maybe i’ll have some lds like i really hope for…

tips on getting dreams to remember, and how to get a ld maybe tonite ( i’ve been looking at my hands and holding my nose for the rc checks about 30 times to day, i still have been forgetting to then i remember bout an hour later, but hopefully i will remember in my dreams, if i can have them)

so tips on getting a ld tonite or dreams to remember tonite, ( im a first time lder, i havnt had any but only have been trying the past 3 days all of witch i didnt remember my dreams =[)

plz help =[

You won’t get a LD tonight… don’t be stupid :razz: if you cant even remember a dream in a month theres no way you’ll have a LD.

Don’t expect it to be easy and just lay there and say “hey im dreaming!” then your in your dream and you can fly and have sex and do anything you want.


on the other hand LDs are easier to recall than normal dreams … so it is possible you could become lucid and remember :content:

good luck with your recall :thumbs:

I also suggest having a notebook near-by your bed so that you can write down a dream if you remember any pieces of it. If the journal is somewhere else, you may forget the dream by the time you get to it.

You should start a DJ and try to write a bit in it every day ( even if its only a very small bit) this way you will get used to it and remember more every night. I hope that helps :smile:

Ohh and :welcome:

I think THAT Is far by the most stupid thing I have ever seen anyone do here. For some people, lucid dreaming is extremely easy, and they might have a LD the same night as they hear about it. And you should never call anyone stupid just because they can’t recall their dreams (so stfu). I’ve had two nights right now without being able to recall any dreams, well, any ND’s that is. The only dream I could recall this morning was a lucid one.

(What the hell happened to the “supportive” and “helpfull” attitude?! As far as I know you should be more like “Yeah, if you think you’ll have a LD tonight you probably will! Good luck!”, instead of “OMFG, you stupid noob, how can you be so dumb thinking that you will have a lucid dream!”)

edg165[/b]: Try autosuggestion :wink: It usually helps :smile:

my little brother has lucid dreams constannttly hes been able to destroy his nightmares and everything hes like 6 and he doeasnt even know what lucid dreams means most children have them naturally i used to i mean i can remember a few now so i must of had loads i should come naturally to everyone but unfortanitly modern life seems to destroy the easyisness of it

Blessedspirit , your attitude is far from helpfull
edg165 : i advise you follow MovieMes adivice + use WBTB

Install You Are Dreaming. It works wonders! =D

And just spend some time time writing down your dreams every morning, no matter how much you love to procastinate x3. For dream recall, it’s as important as working out to become fit!