Dream Flight

Have you ever dreamed of flying?
I certainly have,several times at that.In all of those dreams there is something in common.I can feel my ability to fly,it’s like there is an imaginary line in my head and as long as I stay above that line I can fly,otherwise I might fall.
It sounds a bit weird but I cannot explain it in any other way.

What do you feel while dream flying? :smile:

I feel as if i already know how to fly, from no where. Like as if i flew in a previous life. It’s instictive, it’s natural.

Hmm I can only remember flying in one dream, though there must be others. In this dream, I had to hold on a small blue stone to fly. If I tightened my grip, I’d fly higher, if I loosened, I’d go down… Also I believe there wasn’t much control, as I’d automatically fly forward too.

I was looking for some similar experience to be honest.In my flights I can perfectly control myself,to the point of worrying to fall because I might go below that imaginary “line”.

Flying in LDs comes naturally to me. I feel the wind all over my face, see the blue, clear sky in front of me, and look down and see all the buildings, then drop down like a feather at my destination.