Dream Gods?

What about praying for lucid dreams? I´ve prayed to God to have one and it has worked some times… Often not. So I was thinking trying some worshiping of dream gods. We have the greek God Morpheus. Does anyone know anything the dreamgod of hinduism? Is there some other cool dreamgods around to worship?

I think praying for LDs has worked because you believe in it. Strong belief can have magic power. :smile: Its like using placebo instead of drugs and believing itll heal you.

Yup, it´s thanks to belief it works. Jesus once said that if you believe hard enough you could move mountains. So probably the reason why it´s not working for me every time is lack of fate. Thanx for pointing that out to me! (I was on my way sending you an angry letter for trying to sabotague my belief in God, but instead I now thank you for opening my eyes!)

I feel that praying for LDs is a bad use of prayer. You are praying for something self-indulgent which you don’t need.

:content: Come on, moogle, a LD may also provide spiritual growth…

Well that all depends if he’s using the five finger rule for praying.

Using Gods to ask for something you can achieve with your own will power given lots of self discipline is not a good idea, IMO.

Trust yourself first.

My opinion is that if God/s exist they dont mind us asking for anything.Another thing is why would they grant it?Unimaginable sorting to do…and this would mean God has preferences- which he/she propably hasnt.
But according to self hypnosis hypotesis and some spirituall thoughts such form is not to be working because you create yourself as a person who does not have something.And what you think is what you are- in simple,better to make a thankfull prayer stating that you have lds.
So dont “want to”, be it- i am lucid dreamer,i recall my dreams well, i can have ld anytime i want,so on.Just add thank you words after it to make it a prayer.
Good luck

That was nicely put, Jack.

I agree with moogle, but then again I only pray when I feel as if I’m in serious trouble.

Anyway, God/God(s) is just a push in the right direction if you do feel like praying for LDing.

Depends on the god (for me anyway), I pray to a goddess I call the dream-wilder who brings me dreams for the night, she brings me dreams and in return I write down the dreams she gives me and share them with others (well I do now anyway I used to just keep them to myself but they stopped and then when I started sharing them more came).

I never thought about this before

I would like to try praying to god to grant me a lucid dream

I sometimes pray for having a LD. I sometimes pray within a LD. The last one has been more valuable for me. As for praying for LD i just say smt like: “It would be nice to have one tonight”, but it’s like casual conversation, not a serious prayer. There are lot more things that are more serious and worth of praying than LDs :tongue:

I agree with you Cyrus, but I am firmly against praying to God to bring about worldly circumstances-- and as such I feel praying for my god to summon a spiritual journy within my own mind; one that will take place in a nights sleep; is significantly more appropriate.

God/desses associated with dreams and dreaming:

  • Hypnos (Greek)
  • Lugh (Celtic)
  • Epona (Celtic)
  • Yemayah Olokun (African)
  • Kwan-Yin (Chinese)
  • Somnus (Roman)

And as someone already said, I don’t think the Gods would get upset if we pray for LD… And I don’t think that everytime we pray we have to ask for world peace or something… So what if we get a little selfish? we are only humans… the Gods know that and they don’t expect perfection… But if you’re a christian then there’s a possibility that God gets angry, since that’s how the christian faith works…

It all depends on your faith and beliefs!

hmm. pray to get ld’s… nah. waste of sleeping time.

not going into too many details, as that would require a few hundred pages, what you believe will work, works. if you get a theory, try it out and it works on the first try, you think “this may just work!”, and get your hopes up for the next time. this is more than close enough to believing in your idea working. simply put, if you start thinking that “god” may give you ld’s, then sooner or later you will start believing that its true. and as we all know, what we dreamers believe in, is what gets us ld’s. personally, i had the belief that only on exceptionally bad days would i get a ld afterwards, as some sort of compensation for my lousy luck. after a while i started believing in it, and before i knew it, i started thinking that “hey. this day was crap. now im gonna get ld’s.” (it never really worked though, as that thought got me exited, and thus i started thinking that now something good was gonna happen, and started daydreaming about it, thus making it a better day…)

point being. whatever you start thinking could be a viable theory, will likely become what works for you. if you can convince yourself that your theory isnt ridiculous, you got a surefire way to do ld’s. if it includes praying to some hick god, then fine. if it includes drinking boiling goat blood, cool. if it includes wacking yourself on the head with a sledgehammer, be my guest. whatever your brain thinks up, you can use to get ld’s. get the idea?

:smile: I’ve tried it a few times, and it’s worked every one of those times, but I see no need to if I can achieve lucidity myself :wink:.