Dream Guide and summoning problem... pls help

Ok so i just had a DILD, my first LD in over a week (3rd all up).

I’ve tried to summon 3 people using a phone. When i call out their name into the phone, they respond, and soon enough they are walking towards me. Problem is, its not the person i called out. Same gender/age, but totally different appearance. Anyone know how i can fix this?

So anyway, i asked one of the people that i summoned if i can see my dream guide. He said it is impossible. When i asked him why its impossible, he replied “Cos its on the board of impossible things.”

I didnt have time to enquire further, but next time i will try to view The Board. Is it possible that i simply dont have a DG, or was that DC just retarded?


The best advice I can give you is that you really should imagine that it will be the person you are looking for. Already think how they look like and be specific in calling for someone. Maybe someone else has another better tip.

If you believe you have a DG, you have a DG. DC’s can say crazy, but also very interesting things. Some DC’s try to convince you you’re not dreaming, others say things are not possible like yours did. Just remember that everything is possible in dreams.

Maybe you should ask the next DC to take you to this board, find your dream guid on it and remove your dream guide physically from the board. In real life this wouldn’t mean squat but in a dream it’s an action that means something. Meeting your dream guide is no longer impossible. =0)