Dream guide contacted me in a non-lucid dream?

I just woke up from the most vivid dreams I have ever had. I dreamed that I was in the middle of a doomsday. The sky was red, a hole was opening in the ground, and missiles were flying everywhere. I never had such a genuine feeling of fear in a dream before, let alone any type of emotion. Throughout the dream, i kept getting a call on my cell phone. Each time, the caller ID read “PCE”. He sounded a little bit like one of my friends, but he sounded younger. He kept calling to ask if I was ok, and I would tell him I’m fine. Eventually, I ask who he is. He says something, but I can barely hear him. i tell him “sorry, but I don’t think I know you.” Quickly, he says “OK, bye” and hangs up instantly. I feel like this character is significant. Can this possibly be my dream guide, or subconscious talking to me? If it means anything, I just began to get back into lucid dreaming a few days ago, and this is the first dream in a few days I have remembered and written down in my DJ.

Dream guides are a very personal thing, so it’s impossible for any of us to say what that was. I’d suggest going back during your next LD and trying to seek out this character.

I can’t really offer any advice on the person you spoke to, but it sounds like you had a pretty epic dream anyway, even if it was scary! It will be interesting to see if he shows up again.

I always think scary dreams are good to have since they make you question your situation more. If a similar dream happens again, fingers crossed you will end up doing that and becoming lucid, then you can ask this person who they are! :smile:

As a suggestion to find this person again, though it doesnt always work - not being able to get to the place they are, DC’s not knowing what you’re asking, or being led to the wrong subject you’re looking for - Is to ask DCs about it. Ask them where you can find PCE, or anything they may know about who this is.

Communicating with your dream may yield better results than blindly searching, or hoping you encounter them again.

Everybody is always talking about finding his/her dream guide. Couldn’t I just walk up to a random DC and appoint him to be my DG?

Theoretically, yes. My DG was picked by me because I assigned value to a particular character. That character has continued to function in new, interesting ways that have helped me during my dreams. A lot of lucid dreamers don’t even use dream guides. Really, to me it’s a person I’ve realized has helped me in dreams before and I expect him to do so as well again. Other people might mix a DG with a SG, though I’m of the school of thought that a DG is still just an extension of your mind.

Dreaming about something you dreamed about doesn’t seem to be something out of the ordinary.

hmmm, so I tried contacting this person in a lucid dream I had the other day. If any of you have watched Lost and know who Jacob is, I feel like my subconscious is taking on the form of someone like that. I pulled a cell phone out of my pocket, and found the PCE person on the caller ID, and asked around town about who this person was. A few DC’s just shrugged me off (rudely), but a few of them replied with something along the lines of “He’s not ready for you yet”. That’s all I got so far, but this should make for a nice dream quest :smile: