Dream Guide

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I have received guidance from dolphins in dreaming, so in my experience, yes your guide can take the form of an animal. I think the key to receiving guidance is a sincere desire to learn and grow.


Are you referring to spirit guides or dream guides? The way you phrased it sounded more like you were talking about a DG rather than a SG.

To me, a spirit guide is someone I call upon or seek out while lucid. The dolphins have communicated with me telepathically while I was lucid. Does that help?


Not really no.

Definitions: A dream guide is a some[thing] you call for, ask for, or that may just come to you in dreams - both lucid and normal. They are essentially dream characters from your subconscious that guide you through dreams.

A Spirit Guide is a real entity that guides you through life, they can be contacted through the waking state or dream state. As with DG’s they can take whatever form they wish, however since they are a real being they may not always come to you in dreams no matter how many times you ask/call for them.

This from Wiki: According to theosophical doctrine, spirit guides are persons who have lived many former lifetimes, paid their karmic debts, and advanced beyond a need to reincarnate. Each is assigned to watch over an incarnate person, not only on this Earth, but on many other planets throughout the universe. Many psychics believe that spirit guides are chosen on “the other side” by us and God(s) before we incarnate and that they guide us to follow our life’s plan because we want them to.

Some people (myself included) claim it is possible to meet one’s spirit guide in dreams or on the astral plane (see Astral Projection). Their guidance is said not to require mediumship. This is the “Dream Guide”.