Dream Guide

Okay, this is my first post. I had an idea recently. I had a dream once where I was approached by three grayhounds; one white, one gold, and one black. The black grey hound attacked me. We fought for a while until i pinned him at the neck and bit his ear and he was tame. Another night, i had a lucid dream where i conjured the same dog. He told me his name was Demitri. I told him i wanted him to come to me in my dreams each night to let me know it was a dream. He agreed because he respected me. I haven’t seen him since though. Is my idea nonsense, or is Demitri’s absence my subconsious fighting my consious?

Hello! hmmmmmmm I don’t think its your subconscious fighting your conscious. Maybe perhaps you need to summon Demitri. Or, the dog agreed just to get away. So, therefore you have to keep calling him. I don’t know if this will help you; It was just a thought though. Hope it helped a least a bit! :slight_smile: