Dream Guides

how did you first meet your dream guide? does everyone have a dream guide?

Anyone can have a DG, it just depends on how you find them. Some claim the guide finds them, others spend a lot of time seeking them out. Still others bring a DG into being. For me, it is the character I created for the CALD technique, The Second Doctor. He’s more of a companion than a guide, though. I have noticed dreams with him are much more vivid and I’m always more confident. It’s just nice to have someone to share a dream with, and he’s always been very supportive during my adventures. I’ll see him in his various incarnations in ND’s as well, always there to help or protect me. The Doctors have saved me from more than one nightmare for sure.

I don’t have a dream guide. At least not yet. :razz:

I’m just getting back into the habit after a year’s hiatus. I’ve had many lucid dreams, but most of them were just random non-induced ones. I’m not good enough yet. I also haven’t planned how I’m going to meet mine, but I have a few ideas.

First I need to get my DR up again. That’ll take a week or two. And then I have to relearn to become lucid during dreams. Dunno how long that’s gonna take, lol.

from what I’ve seen, most people who went looking for their DG has eventually found their own. I’m one of those, and my meetings with my DG are often with him impersonating the role of a teacher: and I’ve got to say, I still have lots to learn from him :smile: