Dream I Need some Feedback on

I had this intriguing dream this morning, after waking up around 7:00, I fell back asleep.

So basically, i was at school in our gym. It wasn’t well lit and it was about twice the size, it was cozy though. I was just walking and I became really thirsty so I walked out the door on the right side of the gym and into this big intersection of the school where every path lead to something else. There was a hot cocoa like dispenser that gave out water. There were 3 options or more of guide lines. Option was had no caption under it, it just said cold water. Option 2 wrote " Luke warm: For gamers and sexual addicts", and option 3 said hot, for people that could stand being burned. In my dream, I took option 2. I am a gamer, but am I really a sexual addict? I mean, I’ve never done it. In fact, I’m only 14. Is my conscious trying to tell me something? I turned around and an old lady who was supposedly a helper from our school was there. Then the dream ended and I had a false awakening which led to another dream.

What does this mean? Thanks.

I personally don’t believe dreams have any meaning. I believe they are randomly created around thoughts and experiences you’ve had. For example: If you play Halo(greatest games ever! :grin: ) all day long, you are likely to have a Halo related dream, although not necissarily!
And often in dreams, you don’t think rationally. You’re simply being guided through the dream without making any consious decisions (unless you’re lucid). So things you do in dreams don’t necissarily resemble you’re real life actions…

An example of my own: I once had a dream, in which I was on a town square like you would find in the first Assasins Creed (if you’ve ever played it). anyways, there was a man being attacked by a pair of gaurds, they tied him up and cut of his head, and I stood there almost laughing. when I woke up this dream made me feel very bad since I’m a pacifist in real life. But then I figured that since this disgusted me so much there was no reason to be worried. After all, it was just a dream :wink:

So my advice, don’t worry about any of this. You know who you are and you control who you are, and if you aren’t happy about what happens in a dream, just think of it as if it were a movie. It just a story playing out in front of you and you cannot change it. :content: (unless you ld that is)

I love halo too! :content:
Thanks, I’ll just write it down in my at home dream journal then, and act as if it’s any other dream.

I’m glad you’re not taking this dream in as something bad :content:

I refered to halo because I actually had a dream last night in which I was Master Chief, it took place during halo 4 and it looked life-like and felt very epic(I had this very dark background tune playing). I even got to see Cortana and some of the marines wile finding my way through a forerunner structure on Reqium. The big baddy was about to take in action his unfoilable plan,… then I sadly woke up Haha

The sad truth, when you wake up from such an epic dream. :happy:
Good luck with your magical lucid travels.

I don’t believe all dreams have meaning but I’m sure some do. This could be just random, but make sure to ask yourself some questions first: Do you have any repressed sexual desires? Do you want to have sex badly? Are you addicted to games or cocoa? :tongue: If the answer to all of these questions is no, there’s a much greater possibility it was just random and strange to you.