Dream incubation tutorial

Ask God or your psyche (two different things! Ask both!) a question. Something you really want to know or an issue you want to work on. Something that has been troubling you or that you have been obsessing about. An example for me is, hurt/comfort ideas in Smallville/Superman/“kryptonite”. If some idea or story is on your mind all the time then use that to try to incubate a dream, find out what is so fantasizing about that topic or image or story, etc. You CAN get answers.

  1. Write down a question. Meditate on it! Lay in the dark and listen to music that inspires you, or bianural beats or nature music. Visualize the dream you want, at morning and night.

  2. Ask the dream to keep coming until you have learned from it, and again and again until you remember and make a change. It becomes dream signs and it becomes lucid dreams but even more so it becomes a healthy mind and heart and spirit.

  3. Artwork to incubate a dream
    Paint the dream you want. Draw the dream you want. Write a story about the dream you want to have. You can start from dreams you have had in the past. For me there is an apartment I go to, remember I lost my keys, get inside and have a bunch of roomates that are probably other selves/personas of me, and then walk to a really cool church or to grassy fields or hippie festivals. The vivid dreams from years ago that you can still picture and that you wish would come back. Write, sing, pray, dream, think about these dreams.

LD is so so so much more than just having fun! Though it is fun. Explore your dreamscape and ask the dream characters questions. In one of my dreams I was in a strange school and I was lucid and I kept asking the dream characters my true age. I insisted before that I wanted to go back to being 10, forever. The DCs said that my true age is 15. Ask the dream objects questions as well. Controlling dreams is fun but exploring and learning from dreams is even more fun!

Look at your hands to stabalize your dream body. See if you are dreaming. Pick up dream objects. Look for words. Look deeper to your buried feelings, even painful ones. Feel them, embrace them and transform them. look at the dark ones and the light ones and the grey ones

A note on another kind of dream:
Waking dreams. They feel really real, more so than normal. An example was I was picking out my eyes, I could feel the eye tissue in my hands and my eyes were hurting and everything was white and I felt petrified and I kept trying to dance. Then suddenly I was awake. There are kinder dreams like this, so vivid and real and like real life.

Using dreams to help improve waking life:
Before I ever did a back handspring in real life, I dreampt I was doing it millions of times. If you can dream it, you can do it. Dreams come to you with things you want to do and are too afraid to do. What do you want to do? Incubate a dream about it. For me it is gymnastics and lifting things nonhumanly possible, and flying, and figure skating. Use your dreamwork to learn some new skills.

Don’t give up on the ache in you, the need to be more, the yearning. Whatever it is.Take the gift of the dream and keep it. Keep your inner guides. Make imaginary friends. Tap into your heroic self.

So I just reread my tutorial. I finally got a lucid dream again not last night but the night before. I was back at University of Pittsburg. I realized that my Pitt dreams will keep coming until my psyche can close that chapter. Maybe until I pay off the tuition I owe and get my transcript. Anyways, the dreams are telling me I still care about Pitt, but I am going to close that chapter and dream of kingdoms and ice castles. One dream I had a long time ago I was in this weird world made out of rocks, I thought it was an alien planet and I did front handsprings and climbed onto a throne.