dream incubation

[size=150][color=blue]i read a lot of stories about how people successfully incubated their dreams, even if their questions are trivial and random each day. i decided to try this technique since the internet search cannot provide useful info.
its already been over 10 days & i attrempted this everyday but had no success. i am pondering this question a lot, i had faith in myself, and it makes me stressed/emotionally stirred up. i have even cried to bed and felt desperate but my dreams never give me a solution. when i wrote them down & analysed them they were unrelated to my question. i also have some trouble staying focused on the question while falling asleep (my mind wanders uncontrollably).
i dont want to get slandered for this, but i want to know how i can trick my mind into being totally convinced that something is true to get instant results. law of attraction stuff. i got lucky one time & i DID HAVE AN INSTANT MANIFESTION once before, i got myself tricked somehow accidentally & something about me changed quickly. i tried anchoring this feeling but it did not work
i am wondering, if there is anyone here who might be interested in trying out incubating a dream like this & then tell me what answers their dreams gave? i tired this over and over & never have success. i dont think i have an ability to incubate a dream but i am desperate for an answer. i want to know how i can trick my mind on demand to get instant results, how to have a strong enough conviction, to do things such as the splits or get my vision back (i tried this but i only got numerous ‘flashes’ of clear sight)

i tried asking this on other forums but no one is helping me nor replying. :cry: i would greatly appreciate help & in return i can offer a favor/help for other things[/color][/size]

The BIG VILD Topic
The above link goes to the BIG topic on Visually Incubated Lucid Dreams, a method in which you review a short scene that will make you lucid. I don’t think that’s the exact kind of dream incubation you were looking for, but you may find some helpful info.

If I understand what you are asking, then you want to implant a question in your subconscious that a ND will then answer. From what you said, it sounds like you’re using the proper method–thinking about it before you go to sleep. However, your mindset may be holding you back. It is essential that you not stress about the question (by the way, what is the question?).

You could also try using a mantra, like “The next time I dream, blah blah blah,” or “When I dream, blah blah blah.” It may end up being more effective than simply thinking about the question.

Finally, to prevent your mind from wandering it is important to be relaxed and to simply let irrelevant thoughts go. Forcing them away is a greater burden on your mind. Also, expect success, but don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t come. Your mind likes to make things happen when you are certain that they will; still, though, it is never 100% cooperative.

[color=blue][size=150]thanks for your advice
my question was how to get my mind tricked/convinced enough to make something happen instantly (LOA stuff). i was lucky one day months ago to have this happen, but it was ‘accidental’ & i dont know how to make that happen at will again
what might be the reason it is not ‘100% cooperative’, especially if the above issue is important to me? why does stressing about it hold me back?

an idea occurred to me today about suggestiblity, though it usually involves 2 people but i’d rather do it solo, im not sure how. kind of like stage hypnosis involving just me…is that possible[/size][/color]