"Dream inducer - 5 bineural brainwaves" apps' vali

*Note: The full title is " “Dream inducer - 5 bineural brainwaves” apps’ validity "

So I just downloaded several new apps, one being a simple dream journal (now I can write down my dreams -with a password- on the go! Isn’t technology wonderful? :content: ), and one that -supposedly- helps you achieve a lucid dream state by playing a sort of white noise of 1hz. Now, I question its’ validity because I’ve never heard of a sound that allows you to lucid dream. Supposedly it’s your brain picking up the difference in hertz, matching it up with a lucid dream states’ brainwave pattern, and displaying what it matches, that being, a lucid dream.
Now don’t get me wrong, you can heard the noise. I enjoy the sound of rain, and I love it when it rains in my lucid dream, so I picked “light rain” ambient noise + “lucid dream” brainwave pattern, and hopefully this noise paired with the comforting sound of rain will help me attempt WILD tonight. If it works, that is.

Has anyone else tried this in the past? If so, how well does it work for you?
If I do successfully WILD tonight, I’ll post it here, who knows, maybe this thing does work.
The 1hz tone does seem to be making me feel a bit different, but that could just be me.

I have done a little reading on binaural beats and I’m not sure what to think. I mean, if you believe it will work, it will. Essentially, you can have the same effect with anything. However, there could be something more to it than that. Just my humble opinion :happy:

silvamindcontrol.com/silva-mind- … echniques/
It mentions that you should be able to use binaural beats to induce lucidity. It might be worth trying out. I think you have to pay for most of the audio files…

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brainwave entrainment’s fun stuff, but no it can’t induce lucidity.

lucid dreaming is a complex brainwave state that we don’t entirely understand, because we don’t entirely understand what’s going on in the brain when you dream period. without accurate data regarding the brain’s cycles per second in regards to dreaming/lucid dreaming, it cannot be recreated with brainwave entrainment.

also, binaural beats are not as effective as isochronic tones for brainwave entrainment.

if you’re curious to experiment with it, I recommend Neuroprogrammer 3 (14 day free trial, full version for the duration of the trial) or gnAural (an open source binaural beat/isochronic tone generator). NP3 has a huge amount of presets made for it, and there’s quite a bit of development from the community using it as well (someone copied Silva’s “Deeper Than A Zen Monk” meditations). You do have to buy the program to get access to the files the community has created.

gnAural is free, but it’s not as robust as a piece of software. there is a wonderful cat purr track though : )

I might do download for the free trial. I read that you are supposed to have high-quality headphones. Do you guys believe this? Or am I fine with the pair I have?

You want headphones that have a full frequency response, and the nicer the headphones the better it works.

that being said, I use earbuds and it works just fine.


Just found this about a half hour ago. Not sure about the validity of the science, however, I did have a very pleasant meditation session : :content:
This is something that I will absolutely be trying again.
Better yet, it’s free!

He’s using Neuroprogrammer 2 (old version) to make the sessions he’s posting. He’s not posting the frequencies he’s using which is a little strange, but he references where he’s getting his ideas from at least.

He has lucid dreaming tracks up there. These are just sleep induction tracks - lucid dreaming is a learned skill, not something entrainment can help with. I’m experimenting with a similar idea but my goal is a powernap - not going to make pretenses about inducing lucidity. His basic idea is a brief spike to stimulate wakefulness, but the catch is it’s more likely just to wake you up than to make you aware during your dream.

There’s plenty of copies of NP2 floating around on the digital 7 seas if you want to experiment more with entrainment, but I’m not sure this is the place for such a discussion.

I don’t believe it will help induce a lucid dream. Some of the relaxation ones will make you want to sleep though! I can testify to that! :happy: