Dream induction didnt work

Last night I did a dream induction. I visualized myself at the beach, flying to an island. I visualized the waves and black birds and me entering a door into a dance studio. I said, I will enter a dream and this will happen. I did the visualization 5-10 times before bed.

The dream didnt happen, nothing like the visualization. No lucid dreams either.

LD doesn’t often happen instantaneously. Try to meditate for 5-10 minutes before sleep.
Watch your diet and exercise. Try and keep the monkey brain quiet by listening to REM music on your (?) device.

Persistance pays off.
Best of Luck

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Give it some more time and persistently stick to it. Especially as you grow older your brain has accumulated so many memories that can serve as material to form your dreams from. So why should it bother using the stuff you contemplated on for 10 minutes before going to bed? You need to make it more dominant both in your couscous and unconscious mind. And I guess if you do this more often, you’ll also find out how to convince your dream generator more easily that you mean business with your incubation.

True. I’ll stick to it and keep trying!

I dont know. Suggestion: Put yourself on a beach and get creative in such an enviorment. I know its not the most brightest idea