Dream interpretation.

Hi guys, i havnt posted in a very long time i have been busy and havnt been on the internet.

i have been having quite a few lucid dreams lately. 3 weeks since i quit smoking cannabis actually iv been having almost 3-4 lucid dreams a week, and im remembering all of the dreams that i have in my night again. the lucid dreamsare just the usual sort of stuff iv been flying, exploring and testing my control. for the control testing i usually imagine myself with a backpack on and i try and pull whatever i want out of it. im not in a very advanced state of lucid dreaming and i usually wake up within maybe 10 minutes max dreamtime of being lucid.

but this question is about my normal dreams. lately , twice or three times in 1 night i have been having dreams that always end in fist fights. always. is has become my new kind of reoccuring dreams. the ones before that were always traveling. going to the airport, packing my bags, coming home from the airport, saying goodbye to all my family.

i was wondering what these 2 types of dreams generally mean. if anybody needs to ask some questions about my life to help tell me what meaning these types of dreams would possibly have id be glad to answer them.

and since im becoming lucid more regularly i ask has anybody got any really fun things that they like to do when lucid that i could possibly try.

thanks for your time dreamers,

sweet dreams

I may be able to interpret. Just put the whole thing down in a DJ, and i may be able to see what it symbolises.

also i have a certain dream i would like to tell you all about and maybe you could help me understand what it means.

i was walking home along a dream version of my normal walk home from my mates house. i say dream version because i could recognise it, but it was my own version of it in my dream and im sure you guys know what i mean. when i walk home in dreams, i always ending up walking through houses like they are part of the road. the road suddenly leads me to the back door and i end up walking out the front door. walking through the houses is quite interesting. i look through the open bedroom doors, but i keep heading out towards the front door. i see people sitting in front of their tv in the living rooms, or i see people sitting down to eat dinner.

after going through maybe 4 or 5 houses like this i enter another house. i walk through it like normal and i get to where the front door is. there is a mattress lying down covering almost the whole floor from where i was standing to the door. blocking my way. on the matress was 4 or 5 people, sleeping , in almost sexual positions as if they had just finnished having sex, they were also half naked. one of these people was the most gourgeous looking girl i have ever seen in my life. right away she was the most perfect woman i had ever seen before.

she wakes up as i walk past her to try and move the matress out of the way to open the door and leave the house. and she wakes up and looks at me groggily and says “when will i see you again?” i point to her and her and the guy lying next to her(who is a scrawny ugly type of guy) and say “dont you already have a boyfriend?” and she says “dont worry about him, hes not real”.

then she says “do you want me to tell you something about yourself?” and i say “what do you mean”. she says “well its a gift of mine, i understand people and can tell you something about yourself just by looking at you”

i say allright go ahead. she says “when you walk down the street, and when people look at you, they are jeleous of you. all of them are. i can see it in their eyes”. when i heard this i felt kind of bashful and i said “maybe im the one who is jeleous of them.” and she says “no, it is the other way around, do not be ashamed, i think its very very sexy”

i turned around to leave. the door is very complicated to open, there are many locks that need to be unlocked before i open the first door. expecting to be outside i am sort of suprised to find another extension of the house with another door leading to the real outside. sort of like a foyer type of room.

about to leave i hear a male voice yelling at me. i turn around to face him, he continues yelling. i cannot remember exactly what he said but here is my 90% accurate reconstruction of it “you live off everybody else and you do nothing for yourself. your a parasite, your a roach”

i quickly turn around and head towards him yelling back “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY!” in a very agressive manner. he gets vary scared puts his arms in the air but says nothing. i point to his friend and look back at him and yell “IFYOUVE GOT A FUCKING PROBLEM WE CAN SETTTLE IT RIGHT NOW, TWO ON ONE” and again he looks very scared and confused. he says nothing. tired of this i start to punch him, over and over again he is on the ground with his arms up and i continue to punch him.

his friend comes towards me and i get up and start punching him in the face as well. i remember clearly the pain i felt on my knuckles, his head was the hardest thing my fists have ever been incontact with. i check behind me to see if theres anybody coming at me from behind and there is. this person throws a big punch at me and i move out of the way and it hits the person i was punching in the head, knocking him out.

as im leaving the house, i look at the guy on the floor, the guy who origionally was yelling at me. i pick him up and start to punch him some more. then he turns into a black bag full of beans, like one of those heat bags you put in the microwave and heat up to releive muscle pains and things like that. i keep punching it and throwing it against the wall.

the two girls that were on the bed are standing in the foyer close to me, and say “what are you doing now?” and i, starting to sense it was a dream because of how he turned into a black bag i said “hes in here - alledgedly”. then i dropped the bag and turned away and walked outside.

i then very quickly woke up.

now what boggles me is not the whole fighting part (although the night which this dream was dreamt, i had 5 other dreams all ending in the same kind of fist fights)

it is what the beautiful lady said to me. does it mean im vain or narcisistic? i dont think i am. i know i am a very good looking person, movie star style even (or better). that is not a vain statement to me because it is true. but the truth is i am jeleous of people around me because i also have a couple of mental disorders (ADD + paranoid skitso)

thanks agian for your time, i know its a long couple of posts.

Well, the woman could be your conscience, telling you about things. Like the when you walk down the street people are jealous of you, and if you look as good as you say you do, they would have good reason to be jealous. Also, if you have ADD and are Schizophrenic as it seems you are from what you said, she could be another personality waiting to be let out. And people would be jealous that you get loads of attention aswell.

thank you hebrew for your response (although being a skitso has nothing to do with multiple personality disorder just to let you know, its more of a very non normal way of thinking, and personality, but not multiple personalities). do you know what the fighting could mean ? is it just part of my personality that is just letting itself out in the dreams? in those types of situations, in real life, i WOULD have gotten in the fight. but why are they surfacing so much? 3 dreams a NIGHT that end in a situation like it. nother quick dream that involved fist fights just so u can see what im talking about:

i was shopping for clothes in some bigass salvation army type of warehouse thing (thats where i shop usually i dont spend over $5 on clothes i think they are the biggest waste of money - that and im kinda broke) and talking to my friend who was with me. i randomly said something racist, i cant remember what i said but it might have involved the “n” word. i am NOT a racist person in real life, very very far from it.

a black person heard me. he came over starting shit and a punch on ensued.

after it, and after i saw it replay before my eyes on the stores supposed security camera system, me and my mates laughed about it and i got kicked out of the store. i then proceeded to walk home, walking through peoples houses as i did so.

those are the types of “violent” dreams i have been having. almost 3 a night at the least. actually very rarely in the past 2-3 weeks have i had a dream that has not included fighting somewhere in it.

i used to be a kick boxer, and i do get into a couple of fights here and there when im drunk (im a smart ass), but it is only recently i have been having these dreams, with no apparent changes to my normal life.

Well, maybe its helping you stay sane. Seriously, there is a scientifically proven fact that if you kill someone in your thoughts, but not in real life, and you do it once a day, you will stay sane. or aner than most. Maybe that is what is happening…

thank you for your response. i will have a think about what you have said a bit deeper and see if it relates to me.

i see you have had 6 lucid dreams this year? what type of things do you enjoy doing when you become lucid?

Dunno, if you read my DJ you would know that each time i was lucid i visited my SG, but in one, it was a nightmare and i turned the tables… i think that just HAS to be the best thing ever.

hmm i have never tried to find a spirit guide. do you try to find them, or do they appear to you and become a reoccuring dream character? i am going to concentrate on this tonight.

i also have another question. is preminitions in dreams normal for most people? because i often have a LOT of them that come absolutely true. of course i dont know they are premonitions until they actually become true, i think nothing of them until it happens or until a couple hours after it happens and i remember i dreamt the exact same thing.

for instance in a dream i tried to look at my phone but it was stuck on this blue screen. i pressed a button and it went back to normal. anyway when i woke up, my phone was broken stuck on the same exact blue screen i saw in my dream. except this time it didtn fix itself by pressing a button. just stayed stuck.

last night i had a dream i was smoking with my mates and one of them said “lexa quit smoking” and then today the first thing that my mate said to me (who was the one that said it in the dream) said oi lexas quit smoking.

these types of little non important things happen all the time. these are just a few recent examples , from the past 2 days. thats 2 of them in 2 days. normally id have maybe 3 or 4 a month. and they are things that come exactly true or very close to it, as they were in the dream.

another example is one day when i was in school i dreamt that my mate didnt show up to school that day, and i saw him randomly in the dream and he had a cast on his arm. the next day he wasnt at school and he had infact broken his arm.

does everybody have these types of dreams?

Well, i have had them before, again, little, insignificant, unimportant things, but the amount of times you are having them is uncommon, i think. I haven’t had one for ages.

i have been reading through your dj. i actually had a very similar dream to you.

an old man, not my grandad, was walking me through slums of brazil and bad streets and neighbourhoods of australia and pointing out all the bad things in society today and all the things society could do to fix it, but isntead the people with the money to change things only want more money for themselves. more money than they could ever spend.

when i kept a dream journal i used to put a star beside every dream that came true. for every 3 or 4 dreams written down on a page, there was usually a star on one of or at least every second page.

i dont keep a dream journal anymore and its a shame because even a really really great dream i will forget after a couple of days. im going to start writing them down when i wake up again.

yes, i would reccomend keeping a DJ, that way people can interpret better, and also you won’t forget the good ones!

Hebrew, he posted in the correct forum. the dream diary forum is not meant to be used for dream interpetation… that is what the stuff of dreams is for.

i dont think that is what he meant moogle :smile: i had said in the post before i was thinking of starting my dream journal again (written down in a book not online - i will only post the very interesting ones)

and he was just agreeing with me, that keeping a dj is a good idea.

i have thought more about these dreams i have shared with you asking for help intepreting what they mean.

do you think it could mean an inner conflict that is being shown to me in the dreams by constantly fighting with others? i am not too sure if this relates to me or not. what else can constant fighting in dreams possibly mean? anybody?