dream interpretation

Hey guys,

I was wondering about everyones thoughts on dream interpretation, maybe a link to a site thaf you can use to interpret dreams. Do you believe in dream interpretation?

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I think the best interpretation is personal insights either by yourself or by someone who knows you (even online friends can spot revealing things in your dreams).

The rigid dream dictionary type of interpretation doesn’t appeal to me and imo is less revealing.

Dream interpretation is more a revelation of what your subconscious mind is preoccupied with at the present time.

I agree with moogle , every person is different, every subconcious is different, every DREAM is different. Dream interpretation won’t fit in most of the cases…still…there are sometimes some pretty common things (losing teeth, going naked to work etc). But the best interpretation it’s the one you can do since it’s your SC, Your dreams,your messages.

I used to be a big fan of dream interpretation. I studied psychoanalysis in college, read “The Interpretation of Dreams” by Freud and many other classic works on the subject, and spent countless hours analyzing my dreams. I even used to analyze the dreams of my clients.

However, it is all garbage. Dreams have no more inherent meaning than life does. I’m not saying that everyone’s lives are meaningless, but that everyone has to find their own meaning in their lives. The same is true for dreams. They don’t have inherent meaning. However, if you can find meaning in them then there is nothing wrong with that!

Dream interpretation is very much a personal thing, like moogle said, I feel is better to try and work these things out for your self our with friends that know you.

My issue with books is that the interpretation is worked out based on cultural association, but as individuals they may have a completely meaning to us, which means the dream interpretation wouldn’t be accurate for you.

I wouldn’t say there is no merit in it at all, but you’re far better of working out the symbolism for your self than relying on a book.