Dream Invasion

Hi I am NEW here and have come to get a specific question answered. I have always been aware that I am a lucid dreamer, I have never tried to lucid dream it has just aways been a part of my sleeping patern. But a new experience has happened and I was wondering has anyone ever had this happen to them or have they done this? I had an experience where I went into someone else’s dream. At first I thought it was in itself just a dream, but when I called the person a few days later and told them my dream, they freaked out because what I was describing was exactly what they were dreaming and they said that they could sense someone else was there watching but they could not tell who it was. Turns out it was me. Does anyone have any ifo on this or experiences???


This is referred to as ‘shared dreaming’. Some pople believe in it, others don’t. I take it from your post that you do… :wink:

Anyways, there’s been a number of theories to how it’s possible (try the search button up above) which you may find interssting.

If you are telling the truth (don’t worry, I’m naturally skeptical and suspicious :wink:) they you may well have had one.

who knows, it may be possible that wer are always haveing shared dreams, but only with people we don’t know (so never get a chance to ring up and say). It’d be very rare to have on with a person you know, considering the amount fo people in the world (which would explain the lack of people coming up and saying they’ve had one).

And me? I don’t believe in shared reaming, but I’m always open for pursuasion.

I have looked into dream sharing and it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for what happened. From what I’ve read shared dreaming is something two people decide to do together. My dream was simply me, there was no consent or previous discussion with the other party, therefore, not really a shared experience.

And don’t worry about the skepticism, I don’t believe everything I read or am told. All I know is that it happened to me and I am very curious about finding out more about it.


Not really. Some people have attempted lucid dream sharing (having a LD and then entering someone else dream and makign them lucid).

But what you did certainly falls under shared dreaming. After all, you did share a dream…

True enough, perhaps I need to read up a bit more on the shared dreaming.

Please if anyone knows of any good places to go and read up, (other then here obviously, I am doing a search on here for it), also I would Love to hear of anyone else who has had similar experience.


Shared dreaming sites:
Lucid Crossroads - https://www.lucidcrossroads.co.uk/
Sea Life Forum (with other things too) - https://dreamofpeace.net/sealife/

There are plenty others, just Google for it.

IMO dreams are like chat rooms as long as you dont make them private, anyone can enter in them.

Thanks for all your help.

And thanks mith for the links, I have checked them out briefly this week but will definately dive into them a lot more over the weekend.

And guruguru, I am still mulling over your view of the chat room idea…I suppose it could all be that everytime we dream we are in someone else’s dream and that they are just people we have not met yet (as per Sureal’s suggestion), maybe in our sleep we are forming an entirely new group of aquaintances. It’s definately another interesting concept to roll around in my head…it seems inevitable that one theory seems to led to another.


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