Dream Invasion

Hi I am NEW here and have come to get a specific question answered. I have always been aware that I am a lucid dreamer, I have never tried to lucid dream it has just aways been a part of my sleeping patern. But a new experience has happened and I was wondering has anyone ever had this happen to them or have they done this? I had an experience where I went into someone else’s dream. At first I thought it was in itself just a dream, but when I called the person a few days later and told them my dream, they freaked out because what I was describing was exactly what they were dreaming and they said that they could sense someone else was there watching but they could not tell who it was. Turns out it was me. Does anyone have any ifo on this or experiences???


I don’t really know what to say. thats a pretty shocking and rare experience. I do believe in the possibility of shared dreaming under certain conditions, but i have never really heard a convincing case of it.


Interesting experience. Were you lucid at the time? Were you involved in the dream or just watching it?

milod789…I was not lucid in the sense that I was able to control anything, I was just completely aware that I was in a dream and that it was not my dream, because I was watching everything from a top left corner (when I am an observer in dreams I am always at the top left corner and everything that is going on looks like I am watching a movie on a big screen that kind of flickers as the images pass by)…

bigjedman…you are definately not the first person who has doubts or thinks it maybe an extremely rare thing to happen…I suppose that is why am am trying to figure out exactly what it was that happened…I suppose I am in the process of trying to convince myslef before I try to convince anyone else…we’ll see how it goes

pav…sorry for the repeat post, I was just wanting to make sure that my post was seen in the right forum, I am new here so I am still trying to figure out how the forum works…I did not think that everyone who came to this webpage went to every different forum and read each and every post, I thought that just maybe some people had favorite forums they went to and I was trying to expand my response possibility…

Hi Willow Mae !

Pretty strange experience you had ! It seems to be extremely rare.

I had one experience where I shared information with another people, but I didn’t “invade” his dream. It was in a ND and I was trying to look into the house of the parents of a friend. Then a phone call woke me up : it was this friend who asked me to go to his parent’s house and see what happend, cause he couldn’t join them by phone for 3 days ! In this case, my friend was awake while I was sleeping.

Three months ago, I had another dream with this same friend : I was dreaming that I was in my bed when he came and told me “Wake up, we are in London and have to go to Paris”. :confused: Thus the dream became lucid and we teleport together. As this dream was strange, I phoned him the next day and ask if he didn’t have a dream with me. He told me that he have had vibrations this night, and that was bizarre cause he didn’t have made any LD for years, but he had no dream.

So my experience is very less conclusive than yours… :shy:

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Willow Mae, how did you know it was the dream of this person in particular ? Or was it just a blind chance that you call this person and tell your dream ?

Basilus West…The friend involved is a someone I have known from age 6 (am 32 know)…she knows everything about my crazy dreams from the time I have been little and had experiences where I saw people dancing on my balcony and had to ask my Mom, who did not see them to leave…she and I speak a couple of times a week and I frequently tell her about my dreams as she thinks they are rather wacky and interesting (at least thats what she tells me)…so it was not unusual to tell her about it, just odd that she recognized it…

I’ll invade sereals dreams tonight then!

I may have had a little but of success with dreaming. I apparently told Gecko he was dreaming, on the same day I attempted to do shared dreaming.

I found this topic about a similar experiment in the “Lucid Laboratory” :
Into anothers dream

Somehow it reminds me two girls we used to have as members…intriguing though.
Heres the best place to train your abilities even more Wilow.Many of us will take on experiment.You can invade my dreams anytime you want:)

this sounds like remote viewing … except you had a spatial sense in being in the top left corner? I don’t really understand… but it sounds like something that can’t be put into words.

Was it basically that you were watching their dream like it was on a movie screen, and you were outside of it?

That’s interesting… and the second it happened you had a distinct feeling where you really truly KNEW you were in it?

I’d love to do this… sometimes I try but … with mixed results, I did get a friend to IM me but he doesn’t remember the dream… we were friends since childhood too like you were with your friend…

umm… was there any transition that you made to get into that dream? Such as were you in a normal dream first? Or were you in a normal lucid dream?

this is important… did this persons dream have different looks than your dreams? Granted dreams are highly subjective, so if you entered someone else’s dream I would think it would look completely different and feel completely different than your own dreams, there would be different “laws” different levels of realism (say they are a pilot, if they were flying it would be detailed whereas if you tried to fly it might not be) … etc… was her dream land different than yours, distinctively something that seemed like it wasn’t from your mind?

I guess we could also think that your mind automatically filters all external extra-dimensional information and just makes it look like a normal dream because that’s the only thing you understand, but ah well… that’s interesting.

and yeah Willow Mae you can feel free to try to enter my dreams, if you succeede try and give me your email address from within the dream and try and get me to email you.

I try to get people to email me once in a while but it hasn’t worked yet… but I do have a “dream email” set up now which I guess I’ll try to give other people, instead of my main one… for sake of not getting confused and giving them an address that I don’t have in real life.