Dream Inventions

So, after a hiatus of several years, I’m back on LD4all. What inspired my return was something that cropped up in a dream I had just a few days ago. It really made me think.

There have been many occasions on which I’ve dreamed of objects or concepts that are unlike anything currently existing in reality, but which could feasibly be brought and copied into the real world. Dream inventions, in other words. I’m not talking about fantastical things like time machines that sound like good inventions but could not be made with current technology. I’m talking about ideas that could be replicated in reality as it is now. Ideas that you remember well enough to actually recreate now, assuming you had access to the startup capital and materials. What could we accomplish with our accumulated inspirations?

Some examples:

  1. A new sport. Years ago, I dreamt of a sport called Kiri, which was a winter sport like a cross between snowballing and iceskating. It would be possible to play it in the real world - all you’d need is a skating rink, some snow, and the ability to manufacture ‘kiri cups’!

  2. A revolutionary marketing concept. This is the recent one that has me all excited. All it would realistically require is for an author to write two books in a certain manner and a publishing company who would agree to the marketing concept. It would work - and I believe it would sell!

  3. A musical instrument. While I don’t know enough about physics and instrument construction to be 100% sure this one would work, I have a feeling that an instrument I once dreamt of would work in reality. Like an accordian, it combines elements of other instruments into a whole.

There have been several others, but I’d have to go back through my dream journals in order to find them all. I’m interested to know what others have come up with, also!

I seem to dream of machines that have the ability to make you lucid… I know that is sort off topic, as they are sometimes a little too fantastical… but then there are others which I think might just be a hint to what is really possible?!

I am quite interested in No.2 of your list. Are you able to give more detail?

Welcome back BTW! :grin:

That sport mentioned in #1 sounds fun and dangerous. I figure someone will have to use hockey skates for quick maneuvering and equipment to protect themselves from getting pelted in the face by snow balls. Have you tried drawing up the “kiri cups”, making rules and applying directions on how to play.

Winter will be here soon.

Totaly agree to Iluminada!

well, i haven’t dreamed of any inventions, but i’m looking forward to it as i would be able to not only construct in my mind but actually test my invetions :smile:

Once about, 2 years ago, im sure i had a premonition type dream that felt it lasted a whole day, but its a long story, short is, the world was going to end, the sun would become so bright we would become blind, and then the sun would burn out, and we would live in darkeness,
in the dream i was watching this movie of an eye changing many different vivid colors, and in my head i came up with an invention to solve or sun problems!

Ultra violet ray contacts!
It would help our eyes withstand the sun, and also make our eyes glow and see in the dark.
awesome huh? :cheesy:

I actually heard that this IS infact possible, my brother was telling me how they have this headgear of somesort that goes over your eyes, and when you fall asleep, a light shines in your eyes causing REM.
causing you to lucid dream.
something long the lines of that he was telling me.

^^ Yeah… I know of it - its called the Novadreamer - created by Stephen Laberge.

My devices tend to be more along the lines of sleep chambers involving several thousand volts of electricity, or a modified MRI machine.

can you buy novadreamers? :open_mouth: their probably not cheap if you can hahaa.

Sorry, but I couldn’t possibly reveal the details of a scheme that might make me rich someday by virtue of its uniqueness! Honestly, I’m itching to tell someone, but it’s too good an idea to just blab around. :razz:

Illuminada - I don’t have to figure out the specifics! I dreamt them all. I know all the rules, I know what the kiri cups look like, and so on and so forth. I actually played through the game in my dream, which is why I’m certain it would work in real life.

Kayfire - Ultra-violet contacts sound great! They actually already exist, though. Just type ‘uv contact lenses’ into Google!

Nice… Any chance you will be perhaps gathering some friends and putting the game together? Then maybe youtubing it? It might actually be fun to watch.

One of my latest creations/inventions in a dream was an office chair that converted into a flying chair that looked like a mini jet ski… so kind of far-fetched.

Your book idea is something you can get published yourself.

Looking forward to reading how much you’ve made some of these dream inventions into realities!! Good Luck!

aw darn D:

it was discontinued about 6 years ago, but can sometimes find used copies on ebay for $300-$600 (so yeah, definitely not cheap). I hear the NovaDreamer 2 is supposed to be out next year, but will probably be just as expensive :sad:

that sound really kool, but then again it kinda defeats the purpose of trying and experiencing it on your own, which is more self satisfying don’t you think? :meh:

I wouldn’t call it an invention, just a recipe.

Take an already baked chocolate chip cookie, deep fry it in oil, eat with punch.

It was delicious in my dream, but I have yet to try it in real life. XD

Also, Kiri sounds like an awesome game.