Dream journal and dreamsigns

Hello. I am currently keeping a dream journal, and I have had it for a week now. I haven’t had an LD before, but I hope to soon.

What I need to know is how long I should keep the DJ for until I start checking for dream signs. A person on the internet said you should keep it for a month, so you have a lot of dreams to analyse. I’m not currently at a stage in LDing where I have a dream recall of 1 dream per night, but today I woke up and I could remember 2 of my dreams.

Should I start analysing my dream signs now and start doing RCs, or wait until later?

Well, logically speaking you need a number of dreams which you will analyze in order to get some results. You can of course analyze your dreams and look for DS after only 2 dreams recorded but statistically speaking…

When it comes to DJ keep it for ever :content:

It’s great to have DJ. You’ll understand that after you realize how it helps you. If for nothing else it’s always nice to dig in your old DJ and read those dreams and funny thing is once when you have all those dreams recorded you will most of them forgot but when you open your DJ and just by looking at the title of the dream if you give titles or just after reading a few lines of the dream you will remember it completely and then you will realize how powerful DJ is because without it most of those dreams and adventures would be lost.

From DJ you can learn a lot about yourself. Have it and keep it. Sure there will be times when you will not feel like writing your dreams and sure take some time off but I would suggest to keep a DJ!

Good luck! :content:


I am planning to keep the DJ forever! It will be cool to be able to go back to it after a few months or years, and see what I was dreaming. I haven’t thought about stopping yet, and hopefully that won’t change!

One of the thing which I did not know in the start is that you should write it as though its happening in the present. Don’t write as if ‘that happened in the past

Make it sound real.

I am in the dark corridor. I am talking to an old person.

That way, the reality (WL) doesn’t set in as soon as you start writing, your mind still tries to stay in the dream.

Essentially, don’t look at a dream as though it happened, write as if its still happening. That will help you recall more.

As for writing, you’ll get sick of it. Then you’ll stop writing. Then months will pass. Then there will be an interesting dream, and you’d know that you HAVE to write it.

That’s when you’ll get back and realize that you have missed out on a lot of amazing dreams (because your dream-recall went down in those months when you were not writing your dreams).