Dream Journal During a False Awakening?

Hello LD4ALL community!

I feel the need to share an experience I had today where I was almost lucid, but it ended abruptly by a false awakening. I know these are very common, and I have these multiple times in the past… but what makes this one so unique is how I used my dream journal within it.

To summarize:
I had this very vivid, long non lucid dream of me at work in the hospital (this is a common dream sign). Things were not working out. I was angry, yelling at my coworkers, came into work late the next day…etc. At the end of the dream I was just so angry I was shredding valuable paperwork… I knew I was going to be fired… It felt so surreal how mad I was, I started to question why I was mad, or if it was even real (aka almost lucid)…All of a sudden, I “woke up” ( FA )

… I was lying in bed… and I realized how that was all just a dream. I had to remind myself none of it was real and that I wasn’t going to actually get fired now… I just sat there thinking about the dream in detail and how vivid it was (I normally do this when I wake up). But what made this out of the ordinary (for me atleast), is I reached over to my dresser and pulled out my dream journal, and began to write down the entire dream I just had about being at the hospital. It was one of my longer entries. After I was done I closed the book and went back to bed.

When I woke up (this time for real). I didn’t realize I had a FA . I thought I got up in the middle of the night to write stuff down in my dream journal. I was busy in the morning and didn’t even check it… It was until this evening when I opened the book up, did i realize, that to my horror, there was nothing in the book. The whole vivid dream wasn’t even properly documented. I was shocked to think I had a False awakening about writing in my dream journal and didn’t even realize it was a FA.

So my question to you guys is… have you experienced anything similar to this in the past? Have you wrote down things In your dream journal during a False Awakening?


Welcome to the club Jer!

This has happened to me several times.

My FA record.



More LD memes.[/spoiler]

Yes. So annoying when I find out I have to write it up twice!

If I could only count the times, though after a while it became less of a problem when I started to learn what FAs feel like for me. They still get me, but I’m more aware that they happened when I actually wake up.