Dream Journal mindset and time economy

Ok, i was here before, but under another name, i do not renember it, neither i could find me anywhere on the forum … BUT… the thing is i got back into LD-ing…
Now, let’s get to the main point, i posted this to another site because i am looking for many opinions, so just copy-pastying would be useless right ? So HERE is my ideea, i would like to know what do you guys think of this.

Ho humm… I know what you’re saying and it is a quandry indeed… I’ve had thoughts about how to condense a DJ down yet retain the pith of the dream, but certain problems exist.

For most, though, while your dreams are still short it’s best to record everything. I have been developing a “Dream Journal Terminology” as I’ve been writing my DJ entries. I think I could be able to adapt this as a shortening for my entries in the future, but for now I think it’s best to stick with writing everything.

Your idea is interesting, but as to how effective it will be, I think it will depend on the person.

Yes, short dreams can be fully written, but you know, after a while of noting down your dreams they become quite long and than you have to compress them, so in order to compress them i thought of this. As for the problem that you lose information i think we can solve it.Firstly i got to the conclusion that there isn’t really a time when things happen as i noted in the previous post, i think it can be removed, there aren’t so many changes from day to night, summer to winter etc. Since i just started again, i had only 1 recent dream, but i will take an old one as an example and “shorten it”. Renember that all those “points” like “where, with who etc” are supposed to be written in the evening, or else this whole method would be useless since the time it takes to write them is probably longer than actually noting the dream… yes it is work to do…

Anime cocktail

Normal Dream comment
The whole dream was an DO Something with the old-childhood anime yu-gi-oh that
yugi played with someone, after that, the one there was this girl that was trying
to teach her pokemon and evolve him. She then figured out that her pokemon final
move name was different can’t renember the first or second name. After that the good old Dragon Ball Z came, and there was M.Roshi half total black and half total white(Naruto-Zetsu) that was talking with this girl on my computer. M Roshi got angry and dissapeared. In the next room there was an very old man and this kind of stable shopping cart with shelves, on each shelve there was a part of his body, M. Roshi said something.DREAM END[/spoiler]

okay, it;s not long but lets compress it.

Before that, here is an explanation:I numerotated them in order to use that in the dream
I will use P for person in order to make difference between persons, locations etc,
Ex: P1 was at L1 in the Evening

[spoiler]Where :

  1. Unknown
    What am i:
  2. DO
    With who:
    2.pokemon girl
    3.master roshi
  3. girl on my computer
    5.weird old man

Explanations here :I numerotated them in order to use that in the dream
I will use P for person in order to make difference between persons, locations etc,
P(1) was black-white and talking with a P4.

RESUME P1 played with someone. P2 evolved her pokemon, she was confused but then she figured it out. P3 was talking with P4. P3 got angry and dissappeared. Next room P5 had an shopping cart with shelves where were human body parts. P3 said something [/spoiler]

This method needs some work on indeed, but i really think there is a need for a way to make DJ entries shorter and if you write all those “where,when etc” stuff during the day than you just have to note where it happens, when it happens, some DC (usually there are a few principals, maybe we can note those unnimportant with an U or something. Again, i am waiting for opinions, suggestions, anything that can help out this method

After thinking things trough, i decided that my ideea is flawed. I realised that one of the stages when you renember a dream is when you note it with details, for example when you note a dream and suddenly details appear out of nowhere and give you more to note there… well this is what i am talking about. By noting the early and end personnages for example you might not renember the content. I decided my method so far is imperffect and so far inutilisable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other.I am again waiting for ideas…