dream journal not going as planned :S

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well i came up with this site wandering trough the net and i started keeping a dream journal, it was going ok for a while but the problem is that i keep having this very violent recurrent dreams every night. it started like a week ago and its really freaking me out, the level of violence is really extreme. i see myself in a dark corner of a street, crouching and waiting for somebody to pass. when it happens i see myself from the outside, like a 3rd person view of me, and im doing all sort of sick stuff to the person that pass, i mean the sort of sick stuff you start to get worried about. why is this happening to me? i figured if this is what my dreams are gonna be every night i rather stop remembering them, i dont enjoy such memories its really gross and makes me feel like i was somekind of psycho or smth. have this happened to you? what do you think about it i really want to have LDs but ill quit if this situation keeps happening

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recurring dreams with strong content are liable to be remembered if you keep a dream diary or not. It is probably just a coincidence that these dreams started not long after starting a dream journal.
This situation may lead to LDs … since you could suddenly realise you are in your recurring dream situation and become lucid and be able to leave the plot of the dream.

Could the dreams be due to some kind of unconscious fear about lucid dreaming?

You can set the intent to dream of different things by dream incubation in order to avoid these dreams.

More than likely the sudden occurrence of these dreams is due to something in your daily life. When I was 15 there was this boy in school that really bugged me to the point of wanting to just hit him, I never did as it’s not my nature.

But it did start me having violent and disturbing dreams, some of a sexually violent thought. I bottled up my daily emotions to stop me doing something I may regret and it came out in vivid force in dream. So you may want to look at other factors of your daily life to see if something is causing frustration for you that could be being brought out in your dreams.