Dream Journal Question

Hi everyone. I have just registered to this forum because I browse this forum myself quite a bit and have had a question of my own. Are dream journals all that important? I can remember at least one dream per night in quite good detail. I have had lucid dreams the last few months, only 3 to be exact, and I used a dream journal to accomplish this ,but I just can’t really commit to this task as much I would like to. I usually dread having to write in my dream journal because I know it will take some time and effort.

My theory is that since I usually do not like to write in my dream journal, that this may hurt my chances of having a lucid dream because I may think of it to be boring, or monotonous, as I am writing in my journal. So my main question is, is a dream journal really worth the effort, and does it produce benefits over time?

yea it helps dont worry bout the effort try re reading over em that helps heaps but u dont need 1 if u have heaps good recall any way

That sounds like a pretty good idea. I’ll just write the main topic and a sentence or two because I’d say I have decent dream recall. Thanks for the input.