Dream journal

Sorry if this was posted already.

I have a lot of dreams I recall pretty easily - both lucid and non.

Ive noticed that I almost always have an LD immediately after writing down a non-lucid dream in my journal. (Meaning, I go back to sleep right after this).

Seems to help a great deal. As though Ive just activated that part of my brain I will be needing for the LD…

Works for me, anyway.

Guess it only works for me.

i don’t think many ppl write their dreams in their DJ and then go back to sleep again… at least not so many that you can have a reply after 3 hours :wink: Wait on, you will get a reply.

I myself never have written down dreams and then went back to sleep again, i do it always when I get up.
(well i have done it on some occasions, but then it was already a LD or a dream I really wanted to remember - and I can’t tell you if I have had a LD after that).

Hey Sorcera :wink:

I have gone back to sleep after writing down my dreams in my journal and had LD’s. But I also had days where I did not write any dreams in my journal and went back to sleep and still had a LD. Mine mostly occur when I take naps sometimes with my crystals and other times when I’m not feeling too well and I get back in bed a couple of hours after waking up in the morning.

I feel that it has to do more with the fact that you are more likely to have LD’s in the morning after being awake for a little while.

Thats interesting. Thats never happened to me but then again I just write my dream down when I wake up I don’t put them in my dream journal when I first write them.