Dream journal

Do you have to keep one? It’s just that I’m really lazy and I don’t have time to write down every dream I have.

Having a dj can help you remember dreams because you have a reason to remember them. It also makes it easier to find reaccuring(sp?) dream signs that could help you become lucid faster.

No, you don’t have to have a DJ, but it’s very helpful. I had only been able to remember maybe one dream a month, then the rest was nothing. Once I started a DJ, I rememberd almost every dream every night. The main point of it is to get your subconcious to realize that you do indeed want to remember your dreams. On the other side of the coin, I haven’t used my DJ in about a month and can still remember my dreams. A DJ is a helpful tool to get on the right path to an LD, nothing more, nothing less. It’s up to you wether you think you need it or not.

I just foward the email I got from this site when I joined and at the bottom I type down my dreams. (I can only remember small fragments, so there isn’t much too type :tongue: )

Kippy…how do you know that you remember them all? J/k I’m the same.

You don’t have to keep a DJ, but it helps with DR. Everytime I keep a DJ, I tend to focus more on LDing and it helps. I don’t record all my dreams down though, I can’t be bothered lol. It’s probably best to records your dreams down until you at least achieve your first LD.

It just depends what you want, and how good your DR is. If your DR is good enough for you, and you just want to have fun with your LD’s, then you don’t really need a DJ. If you are having problems with you DR, a DJ can help. If you are trying to learn something about yourself, you see dreaming as spiritual, or mystical then you would probly keep a DJ so you could look back at what you have dreamed to help you understand you current dreams, and to see how far you have come. If you are having problems with LD’ing, you might want to keep one to help you find dreamsigns that come up in a lot of your dreams to use as queues to do RC’s.
So it just depends on what you want, and where you are going with your dream life.

I myself am lazy as well, i’m sure theres notebooks around my house i could keep, but i prefer to keep a Computer dream journal, since i spend a lot of my time on it. If i wake up, i simply go on the computer and type it in. For instance, this is what i had this morning.

Thursday, August 10 - Was in a deli, sat there for a while and didn’t order anything for a while, was thinking how cool/funny it would be. Ordered a chocolate cake, lady was greek,kinda fat, made the cake a bit smaller because i was 1$ short. I could clearly picture the cake in my head.

(Easily the most BORING dream i’ve ever had, but it didnt seem like that in the dream. My favorite one was when a volcano exploded, and i could feel the hot ash in my face and can still imagine the huge amount of lava pouring out.)

Edit: Forgot to add, Computer DJs are easier to edit :razz:

If you can’t remember about one dream per night, you have to keep a DJ. Unless you are not really interested in having LD’s. :tongue: