Dream journal

I moved it to stuff, since it is about DJs and not about Lucid Dreams :content: :sandra:


I’ve just found this site. I’ve had few LD’s over the years, usually Sunday mornings when I can wake up in my own time, lol!

I see that I need to start a dream diary to get my subconcious thinking about dreams and to remember them better, but my question is this. Has anyone got any tips on how to do a DJ when you have a partner in the bed beside you, without disturbing them? Especially in the winter when it’s dark?

Try getting a watch which vibrates, instead of beeping, that way you wont wake your partner up. Also try going in a different room to write it, so you don’t have to turn the bedroom light on.

Hope I helped.

I used to have a small notepad and pen. When I woke up I used to go to the toilet :toilet: to scribble down the dream in there. Also I used to rely on waking up naturally most nights.

Okay, thanks for your replies. I have a notebook and pen all ready!