dream journal

How many times a week do you need to write in your dream journal.
Like is 4 times a week enough or do you need to write every day?

Depends on who you ask, where they are with lucid dreaming in their lives, and what their dreams mean to them. I would advise a newcomer to strive to record every day at least a dream. Someone who usually remembers +3 dreams throughout the night might aim to only write the most important dream(s) for the night. Or he/she might choose to write only the ones in which he/she is lucid, if lucidity comes by frequently. Then again, there’s people (like me) who love to record every single dream they remember, because why the hell not. Dreams are interesting, whether they’re lucid or non-lucid. Some of them bring a good laugh, others a cry, a scream, or a yawn. And then there’s some deep meaningful ones in there that leave you in awe. In the end, the way I see it, they’re all an experience capable of provoking emotions in you. That, to me, is something to be remembered.

I think it is best to try to do every day if you can. Even if it is just a couple sentences on what you remember. It helps if you have your journal in your phone so that you do not need to get up and write it down with a piece of paper and a pencil. Just jot down a couple of notes in your phone and this should be very helpful.