Dream journal

I just want to say how useful a dream journal is. Before i started writing down my dreams i would rarely remember one a month, but now i am remembering at least 1, maybe even 2 a night. Hopefully i am close to lucidity. I had a dream where i thought “I must be dreaming,” but it was more like i couldnt believe what was happening then i realized i was dreaming. Although for a second i could swear i achieved a brief moment of lucidity, but then the dream grabbed ahold of me so quickly i could barely remember the thought of it.

Dream Journals are absolutely essential. It is amazing how many small details you forget but come out while writing. Just today I was doing my dream journal and I had completely forgotten about this Hypnogogic Hallucination I had when I awoke from a dream, and if I didn’t remember it then I wouldn’t have figured out my previous dream.

Keep up the journal and karma to you in attempting your first lucid dream!