Dream longer than reality

I had one realy strange dream while I wached Harry Potter. I fall in sleep
remebering the movie intill the secend I was dreaming. The dream lasted maybe 30sec to 1min. But when I woke up, the movie had’nt come farer than 5-10sec. I know couse I’ve seen the hovie at least 5 times before. This means that stoping real time is posible. I hope I can dream dreams up to hours when I find out more.

I believe I read a research paper (Was it LaBerge?) that concluded that LD time is approx. the same as real time.

Could it be that you dreamed only 5-10 sec. out of the minute?
Otherwise, this would be interesting! :smile:

time is subjective, you can have the feeling something lasts for hours when in fact several minutes have passed.

Think of the times you waited for the bus. How long did every minute/hour last?

now think of the times you really enjoyed yourself (like reading this forum :wink: how fast did those minutes/hours fly by?


It was indeed LaBerge who did the research. But remember, that was LUCID dream research, the subjects were fully conscious, don’t think DJem had a lucid dream (or did you?). Maybe in other states of consciousness, perception of time changes too. A deviant time perception could also be reached via the “movie-trick”, for example you think you dream that you take a train in the morning and suddenly you find yourself reaching the destination in the evening. The between-part is left out. When you wake up you say “hey I dreamt about a very long train journey, it lasted for hours and hours! Dramatical change of time perception!” Probably you had a normal time perception DURING the experience, but your memory gives you a completely other perception AFTER the experience. I don’t think REAL time perception can be changed dramatically (ex 1"real" minute of dreaming seems like 24 hrs), or it should be in a near-death-experience or something else in which(the functioning of ) your brain is suddenly transformed (mystical experiences?). Yes I know about a fly having another time perception (much slower) but the brain of a fly is different from a human brain I guess :wink: . Well, it’s all just a guess, more research has to be done.

“When you sit with a nice girl for two hours, it seems like two minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for two minutes, it seems like two hours that’s relativity.” –
Albert Einstein

Ah, I assumed DJem had a lucid dream. I also have extreme time perception changes in ‘normal’ dreams sometimes. (Much more extreme than IRL)…

I have to admit: I have spent a lot of time on this forum since it is back up :wink: (Going back to work again… :razz: )

when i was just sleeping for a couple of hours… So it might be possible in LDs too. :smile:

A lot of people have reported that stopping time or slowing it down in lucid dreams by saying eg. “stop time” can prolong the experience. Of course this is just a way to trick your mind.

Thanks for the trick, i’ll try.My mind decides what’s real,when i trick my mind i trick reality…


Interesting…after reading this topic on the forum, my dream mind decided to play a trick on me.

I was having quite a lengthy dream when quite suddenly I ‘woke up’ to find myself sitting at the dinner table with my parents. I thought ‘Wow, that was a really long dream, condensed into just a few minutes’. Then, a short while later I woke up for real. :confused:

I hate when your dreams make it feel longer. My lucid dream felt like 10 secs but in real life it was like 3 secs. It really freaks me out when i go fom a real dream right to a lucid dream. In my first lucid dream it started out as a regular dream. Then all of a sudden got transported over 5 miles back to my house were the lucid dream started. I hate when that happens. Has that happened to you?

I too have had dreams that last forever, but then wake up and hardly any time has passed. One of my dreams took place over years. Needless to say I was confused when I woke up. :panic:

Hey, John! Nice to see you in the forum! I´m your cousin, Andreas. :smile:

Anywayz, i´ve had this experience alot of times. especially in the morning, when i go crossing between beeing half-avake and in deep sleep, dreaming wierd dreams. Well, this morning, I had a dream that “lasted” for about 24 hours. When I woke up, I was conviensed that I had been sleeping away the whole day. The clock was showing half past eight in the morning. :confused:

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