Dream Malls

Does anyone else have this dream at all? About 40% of my dreams happen in very large and strangly formed malls. I don’t like malls at all and I really hate them to be honest. It seems that the malls always have areas where there will be a lot of people, and areas where there will be no people at all. Another thing that is very common about them is that the stores are flooded with water (usually dirty looking water). And the store is either fully or partially uncarpeted with just dirty old floor boards or the store is abandoned.

have you ever explored the stores or talked to the people?

Not lucidly. I have gone into many scenarios within the mall. Most of them seem to happen in very wide open areas of the mall. The malls in my dream are very wide open, and a lot of the walkways are two or three times as big as a real mall would be. In a dream I had a few days ago, I dreamed I was in a mall and I saw my old neighbor on the walkway of the mall. I walked up to him and started talking to him and his mother and his brother showed up. I tried to have a conversation with his brother who used to be a really good friend of mine. Recently, in real life he had gotten addicted to crack and had to go to rehab. So it was odd seeing him again. I tried to ask him how he was doing, and he would keep getting happy then sad from moment to moment. He said my name like he wanted to tell me something, but then would pause again and just keep smiling then frowning. Very strange stuff. That actually transitioned to a bar I have been to many times.

I used to have such dreams last summer.
But i mean many, and with that moving staires.

Many scenarios here also.
I have no idea why they occur but i didnt really hate them, they are ok to dream (at least you get recalls huh :smile: )

A nights or two ago i had a dream i was in a mall. i saw A LOT of people, the place was freaking jam packed. it was real noisy with everybody talking all at once. i was walking through the mall trying to get somewhere, maybe to just get out. i saw a couple of my friends and they tried to get me to stop and talk with them, but i ignored them and kept walking. i passed by a Victoria’s Secret store and turned around to go in. i could see where this was going, it was gonna turn into another one of those recurring dreams about me wearing womens’ undergarments, and i could swear i became lucid for atleast a fraction of a second. then i woke up.
yea i hate malls too.

I rarly go into small stores in malls. There is a very odd tendency in my mall dreams. When ever actually go into one of the smaller stores, they are always a corner store. Those are also never flooded. Its just the big stores that always get flooded and emptied.

40% dreams about malls? :bored: I hope I will never have so much, because I hate malls too. :smile: But I had several dreams happening in malls or big department stores… :hmmm: One of them I saw in several dreams, it was a mall in one big building, the front window was as high as three floors, and the floors didn’t reach it… But the stores themselves look rather normally, maybe a little bit too dark in comparison with the bright vestibule, though I don’t enter them very often, either. I often see a bookstore, a toy store, and an open place where they sell soft furniture or something like that. I never paid attention to it, but now I think, there were almost no people there. Only my parents and I.

Malls hold a bit of dream significance to me now: my first LD was in a mall. I had been out to one that day as well.

I went into a few of the shops, I went into the perfume one, but they just ignored me. I went into a clothes shop, where a man went to chuck me out, but I scared him away by saying I was lucid.

I then went back and smashed the window of the perfume shop for ignoring me, lol.

But perhaps my biggest and best memory of that LD is the sheer horror of the DCs when they realised that I was lucid. Everybody stopped, and it was so busy and noiser earlier. I just waved half heartedly. I went to go up the steps to the top floor, but all the DCs had gathered there and removed the steps. :lol: :cookiemon:

this is just too weird. I noticed the other day that a ton of my dreams do in fact happen in malls (and i JUST saw this thread now.)
I too hate malls, and go like a few times a year, so it’s not like I have them in my mind all the time.
I wonder if this is some sort of cosmic playground or what…

I’ve had a few Mall dreams myself. I tripped acid in a dream at a mall and felt extreme paranoia…I’ve never done acid before but I have shroomed. I’ve shroomed in a dream too, but they were in small pills the size of aspirin. I remember seeing a night sky illuminated with neon skies. The music was something like the counting crows/the cure/incubus at least, that’s what I percieved. All a culmination of the various music I was listening to at the time.

I think dreams in general, are the experiences of our higher self. We do so many different tasks a day, faced with countless decisions in a sea of infinite outcomes. We choose one, and that’s the physical manifestation of our perception (collapse of the wave function). But this choice has profound impact on the world around us.

To me, it seems dreams are the alternate choices that we didn’t (or did?) make. And in an infinite sea of possibilities, the ego is trying to pull together so many parts of our inner selves. It comes out garbled, random, and incoherent. But the more we study and drive into the workings of this other world, we begin to see more clarity in the ‘code.’ The more we actually involve ourselves in our dreams, the less confusing and cryptic they become. Thus is why studying our own dreams often brings insight to ourselves and aids us in finding ‘who we are’. Lucid dreaming is the ultimate manifestation of our conciousness without body…and brings out our inner-most parts of your soul, the true core personality that is you. What you do in a Lucid Dream is yours, and yours alone.

At least that’s my idea.

Nope, i think only hmmm 5% or so are in malls and they are ok dreams then.

I see malls every night, but that’s because I work in one!

In some dreams a few years ago, I used to dream about an underground mall under my old home town. Nino, a recurring DC, used to teach me what I could do in LDs down there :cool: Maybe the malls symbolize a place where you can choose anything you like?