Dream Maps: Have You Ever Used?


Its not the first time I find this concept and I dont know exactly how to use it or what to do with it…

First, for the ones thinking what is dream mapping:

Second: what means home to you? The real home on your life, the place where you sleep? Just the feeling of home?

Third: Do you use a real ma (like in google maps) and try to match you dream with a real place, or do you se just a grid without any connection with our word?

I would love to read your ideas about this!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Neat idea! There’s places that I do something called Dream Incubation, and those are sort of “headquarters” but they stick better in daydreams than they do in night dreams.

I suspect that the actual locations that I do have recurring dreams about have to do more with some psychological complex (like not necessarily that something bad happened there, but that I had emotions associated with that location, and am processing or working through similar ones in waking life, so I have dreams of places that I’ve both been to in waking life and have dreamed about before.)

And I did actually get to map those, so a dream of a place that I lived the longest when my family traveled, is attached in the same place to the only school that I actually liked going to…but, I can accept if either location begins to stray from the waking-life dimensions, or if they detach from each other (if where the school used to be is a beach or something). I don’t usually make it happen, but I let it happen, and then I try to think about what that change is trying to tell me about my psychological wellness.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I never tought on dream mapping before seeing Waggoner speaking on it. I was more or less like you, trying to see what the changes in the dream (when comparing a real place with its dream counterpart) could tell about me or the situation.

This concept of other dimensions, a Home feeling and so on, are very odd and interesting to explore, but I would like to learn more before trying it. Thats why I did the question here, searching for tips from people who used it.

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