Dream of being a Fly ??

Hello! Silly post here :rofl:

To all you seasoned LDreamers who already developed high dream control…

Have you ever tried being a fly??
I mean, to actually fly and buzz around a house?

I would love to experience that sensation (I love flying, and I think it would be interesting to do it having a fly’s perspective…)

If any one has done this (or succeeds in doing it) I would appreciate your comments.
Watch out for the window bumping! :content:



O_o thats just…weird…I dont want to be a fly and get swatted >_>

heh i read this post and thought, yeah i had a dream that i was a fly not lucid…

i was an angry little fly heh

Hm I remember vaguely I was once flying like a… something. Perhaps it was a fly… could have been a bird too :smile:
Very interesting idea though! Puts it on the LD wishlist

knowing my subconscious, that would be a rather bad idea.

Would you see things like I fly? I mean stereoscopic vision(thats right isn’t is) and like 500 images in each eye?