Dream of pasQuale :)


PasQuale, you and this forum has invaded my dreams :happy:

I dreamt I was surfing the forum. To my surprise, the site now was a paysite. You had to pay 50 norwegian krowns (!), but only if you had posted more than 75 posts or was above the age of 57.

Later I saw some photos of pasquale. She was a cute blond girl, almost white semi-long non-curly hair. I saw her in different situations, posing with celebrities that she looked like, doing stuff that she enjoyed etc. Some of it was in the form of a tv documentary (many of my dreams are). It seems she had a former carreer in the army, and she enjoyed very much living in the wild.

Her name was a bit like some nordic names, and I was contemplating where she was from. Norway, Iceland, or the Faroe Islands?


Hey, pasquale! Next time you’re in my dreams, remind me to become lucid, will you. :smile:

I thought PasQuale was about 30 :happy:

Dutch people are never blonde :razz:

lol dysmalex :smile:

well, i’ve never been in the army, nor have met any famous ppl, nor have blond hair, and i’m 31 :smile:

So it probably wasnt me but my norwegian dream sister :smile:

norwegian dream girl…

my dream girl is american! :peek:

I know because I’ve met her twice

I wasn’t lucid though…