dream or OBE?

I had weird dream last night. I was with some witch and went by car somewhere. In the car I was meditating. During the meditation I was flying over the Prague (I live there) but I knew that it’s because of that meditation and I was still in the car. (I hope you understand me) Suddenly I appeared in my bed (the feeling of meditation stopped). I had closed eyes and I felt vibrations. I gave a thought to OBE and sit, looked at my hands. I didn’t see them, but it was night, so I wanted to make sure if it’s OBE, I turned to see my body lying on the bed to see it. At the moment I woke up, still feeling vibrations but it was morning, not night like in that dream.
I want to ask you if it was only dream about OBE or real OBE.

I would say the first part with you flying through prague (sp?) was a dream of an OBE. However it sounds like dreaming of an OBE may have triggered a real OBE (you on your bed when you turned to see yourself) and the shock woke you up for real.

That would be my guess. No one can really tell you for sure whether it was OBE/dream trust your instincts, if you truely feel it was an OBE then it probably was.

i have had many dreams of OBEs and one even to this day i am not 100% sure which it was.

I once had an amazing LD culminating in an OBE culminating in another LD culminating in another OBE… LOL I was tired after that! I guess you shouldn’t see them as completely separate, there is a thin line between OBE and LD and some would even say no line (I’m leaning toward this latter view).

I dont think anyone can tell you what have u experienced just from describing.So far i think the best way is to gain some experience and judge for yourself.You will find out that OBEs and Lds has a different feeling attached.Im not sure what it is exactly but i think now i can allways tell wheter it was Obe or Ld.
sorry if it helps a little.
take care

I have had an OBE I think it it compleatly dif. than an LD I could actually feel my spirit body leave my physical body and it made a “thrwarp” or “tupperware burp” type sound. I was able to turn and see my body lying in bed it was atrip