Dream or Reality?

A few weeks ago, when i was on holiday in Spain I had the wierdest dream I’d ever had. I really shocked me.
The strangest thing about this dream was that it didn’t really go into my short term memory as such, but went into my long term memory. It was like it didn’t actually happen in my dream but i remembered it from a long time before. The dream-memory went like this:
I was having some disagreement with a little girl (about 12). Something had happened and i ended up hitting her on the head with something (i would never hit a woman in real lif). I didn’t realise how hard i’d hit her, but it was with quite some force because she dropped dead. Her head was split open and bleeding. Although I didn’t mean to hit her like that, I paniced and instead of telling someone I tried to dissolve her in acid in my bath. Her body didn’t disolve properly, so I put her part dissolved corpse into a bin liner and hid it in my bedroom. After that, each week, just before the bin men came, I got a knife from the kitchen and hacked off a part of her body. I put these pieces in the bin until she was disposed of.
When I woke up, I thought i had actually done this, which was a really sickening thought. It took me a while before i could convince myself that it was just a dream.
I realised that what had hapopened was that the dream had gone straight into my long term memory and not my short term memory, which is why it appeared to be a memory.
Has anyone else ever had an experience like this? It really scared me and I would like to hear if anyone else has experienced these kind of dreams.

yes actually that sometimes does happen to me. ill have a dream and i actually think it is something i did a long time ago. this usually ends up giving me deja vu, (which i have found is the very best time to do a RC ) but its never been anything that anywhere near as disturbing as yours was. that story actually made me laugh. disolving her in acid. :rofl: whew that was a good one.

I have dreamed of far more likely things and thought that they’d actually happen. Like I’ll ask my sister, “Did I tell you what Orlando said the other day?” And she’ll say, “No.” And I’ll say, “Yes I did, didn’t I? Wait… That was a dream.”

It’s never been, “Amy, remember that time I killed that little girl and mutilated her body?” That’s scary, man.

When I was five years or something, I was sure I had once pierced my wrist with scissors. And only when some time passed, I began to understand that if I had done something like this, I would also have remember a doctor or something… And it would have left a scar… So I got sure it was a dream, but, as some time had passed, I was already unable to remember, if it was just a remembered dream or a dream memory like this scary murder story.
Sometimes people “remember” weird things during hypnosis and then begin to believe in it themselves. And these stories can be very long and realistic, but have nothing to do with this person’s real life. I cannot remember where I read it… But I hope it wasn’t a dream which gave me the memory that I had read it. :grin: